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Eater revealed that SF Weekly revealed what I’ve been revealing for months, since they were supposed to open in January, if you’re unlucky enough to be my Twitter or Facebook friend: something is happening (finally!) in the erstwhile Eldos/Wunder Beer space at 1326 9th Ave.

On its face it’s a great space (they even have parking!), and it’s weird and sad that attempts to make it a happy brewpubby place to be have failed and it’s been empty for two years. But if you look under the rock, there’s usually some crawlies under the crazy-high, what-are-you-thinking-this-is-the-Sunset rent. So, I’m really excited that a gung-ho group of people with industry cred have banded together to make this a place you want to hang out and drink craft brews!

Rich Higgins, cicerone, will no doubt be brewing up beers that match his impeccable gustatory instinct (full disclosure: I know Rich and his adorable wife IRL and can attest that this is a man who can put beer together with delicious!) and apparently, the plan is for some vegetarian and vegan eats on the menu, even though we’re not sure who is cooking them yet (Higgins is actually hella good at food too, but for these purposes he’s the brewmaster). Maybe since nobody works at Ubuntu anymore they can get some hot chickpea fries and romesco sauce action going on without being sued?

Anyway, I am looking forward to drinking sure-to-be delicious happy local beers in a congenial environment! Which is saying a lot, since it’s less than a block from my living room, where the beer is free (For me, not for you, sucka).

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