If Armageddon Comes, What’ll You Do with the Cat? Take a Workshop and Make a Plan!  »

Zuki could eat for like a year on all that food.

Have you thought about how you would take care of your pet/friend if shit got real? I’m talking Hurricane Katrina, Japan Earthquake, Four Mile Canyon Fire kind of real? 

Of course not; no one likes to think about that stuff—except survivalists, Mormons, and extremely responsible people, which we are not. Luckily there’s a class to make the thinking easy, in Milpitas on Wednesday evening. Deets below. 

For those of us can’t/won’t/refuse to make it to the class, here are the basics, care of the ASPCA and FEMA (go to their sites for the real details, this is just my cheeky summary):

  • Have a plan. All good heists and rescues start with a plan. What’ll you do with pet/friend if you have to evacuate? DON’T ABANDON YOUR KITTY/DOGGIE! Take ‘em somewhere safe, like “with you.”
  • Stash stuff. Like food, litter, leashes, toys, water, medical records. Maybe put it all in one place, like a kit. You’ll thank yourself later. Maybe you should have a kit for yourself, and put the pet stuff there too. Maybe you should get a better job so you can pay someone to worry about stuff like that on your behalf. 
  • Bring pets indoors in a crisis. That way you can watch them and they won’t freak out as much.

Or to for real learn things:

"Santa Clara county Activists For Animals Presents:

Title: “Be Pet Prepared,” a Workshop for disaster pet-preparedness 
Date: Wed., March 7
Time: 7 to 8:30 p.m.
Location: Milpitas Public Library Auditorium, 1400 Main St., Milpitas
Phone: (408) 355.0436 
Notes: We have lots of disasters in the Bay Area—earthquakes, fires, and floods. If you share your home with companion animals, are you ready to meet their needs in a disaster as well as your own? Come and find out more about how to be prepared when the unexpected happens. Take home a list of supplies you’ll need for your animal disaster kit, and see demonstrations of some useful techniques for taking care of your animals in a disaster. You’ll also find out how to volunteer as a disaster responder for animals.

Our own Lisa Towell will be our speaker:
Lisa Towell is a trained animal disaster responder. She has been deployed to help dogs and cats in disasters in three different states. She has also worked with Humane Society Silicon Valley and Santa Clara County to improve our local plans for helping animals in the event of a disaster. She lives with two cats, and has an emergency kit filled with cat supplies all ready to go.

Please RSVP to make sure we have enough literature and handouts for everyone! And please do not call the library.


Sidesaddle Kitchen’s raw vegan desserts classes are here!  »

Laura wanted me to tell you guys all about this fun S.F. activity because she said that last time all the classes completely sold out! So get in there quick! Plus she said the Laura who runs the classes is super nice (everybody loves a Laura!). Which always helps me learn! No, really. I can’t focus when a jerk is teaching. Why do people even teach if they are going to be jerks about it?

I don’t know exactly what’s going on in the picture below but I’m into it. If this is what the classes promise, I’m gonna fly out to S.F. just for them! The point is: raw vegan desserts! Yum!


Beer Cooking class at Millennium!? There are still spots!  »

Not sure how we missed this but it sounds fucking awesome! I can’t do much better than just copy and paste the details because well, it’s Monday. 

February 2011 Beer Cooking Class!

Celebrate the last day of SF Beer Week by joining Eric Tucker in the Millennium kitchen for a hands-on, beer-themed cooking class!  Learn  that beer can accompany food in more ways than one from someone who truly enjoys it. Sit down after a long day in the kitchen and enjoy your family style meal with new friends and of course, with beer pairings. You will also have the opportunity to meet Eric on Saturday, Feb. 19 for a guided tour through the Ferry Building Farmers’ Market!

 Sunday, Feb. 20
 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. (ish)
 $155 per person [pricey! but you’re rich, right?]

Space is limited, please call Alison to make a reservation at 415/ 345.3900, ext. 13.



The Cook and Butler is a team of crazy talented chefs who give raw food a great name. As you know, I love my bacon filled tator tots as much as the next vegan, but sometimes you want to eat healthy food that makes you feel all peaceful and in tune with your body and the universe but also, that shiz better taste delicious! Well, the Cook and Butler makes my hands-down favorite raw food in the entire Bay Area. Seriously, it is SO FREAKING GOOD. If you don’t try this food NOW, you are missing out on everything good in the world. I can’t give a hearty enough endorsement to express how I feel about these people and their amazing food. They were founded by Shivie (the Cook) and Cemaaj (the Butler), who have been together nearly 9 years They met two months after Shivie left her six-figure corporate lawyer job and started searching for something new. She’d been continually sick and hospitalized until she became vegetarian, then vegan, then raw; now she’s all-vegan—some raw, some cooked, depending on the season and how she feels. Seems super-sensible to me. 

We were lucky enough to sample some of their foods recently, and let me tell you, I went lunatic for them. Jonas liked it as much as I did and made these notes:

The most delicious and surprising were the teriyaki almond clusters: almonds covered with a sticky mixture of dates and tamari. These were sweet and tangy and really good!

The cheesy kale is just like that available at your local Whole Foods or perhaps other health food stores—baked kale with nutritional yeast, essentially—but with the added benefit that it comes in a plastic tub rather than a bag, and therefore most of the leaves are still whole, big, and crispy, rather than just all crumbs. More cheesy kale should come packaged like this.

The gRAWnola is a perfect blend of salty and sweet: nut clusters with cranberry. I chose to snack on these as a finger food, although I am typically an eater of other granolas as breakfast cereal. I did not try it with milk—soy, almond, coconut or otherwise—but I feel certain it would hold up in the breakfast genre.

And the mousse! THE MOUSSE. To die for. Rich, creamy, fluffy, all of that. Seriously, a-fucking-mazing. (<— that was Laura with the swearing! What’s new!?)

So, how can you get your hot little hands on this goodness?? Well, a few ways. First, they have a 567 Meal Plan, where you get five lunches for $67, but they’re offering Vegansaurus readers their first two weeks at a discount price of $55 per week! Yes! This is a great way to get to know their foods and you know that’s less than $11.50 a meal for big, satisfying, organic, expertly crafted, orgasmic (I’m so sorry, never again, I just am trying to EXPLAIN TO YOU HOW G-D GOOD IT IS) food.

They also offer workshops! On Saturday, Dec. 11, they’re putting on a “surviving the holidays and creating amazing vegan and GLUTEN-FREE dishes that everyone will love” class. It’s only $79 (Vegansaurus readers get it for $65 if they book before Friday, Nov. 5!). You can see reviews of previous workshops on Yelp under their old name, TeamRAW. People obviously go apeshit for these classes because duh, they sound HELLA FUN!!! They’re also planning one for January called “The Vegan Survival Guide: Stocks, Soups and Stews.” LOVE IT.

Don’t want to make anything for the holidays? Check out their Potlucks and Pies page, where you can order for dinners, parties, or pretty much anything! If you want to take down an entire raw pumpkin pie (!!!!) on your own, I’m not gonna judge! Actually, just imagine me cheering you on: You can do it! Eat that pie!

They sell at the Livermore Farmers Market during the warmer months (where they have the citizens of LIVERMORE banging down their doors for more raw, vegan food!), but if you want the crazy good food right now (and you do), the above choices are your options. If you have any questions or want to order some of this tastiness, you can email Shivie or call her at 415/235-8162. To book the workshop, you can send payment via PayPal to Oh, and
FAN THEM ON FACEBOOK to keep updated on all the delicious, raw haps. 

In conclusion, no I haven’t done coke or speed or sniffed an entire liter of Diet Coke, I’m just jazzed (YES, JAZZED) about this food and also, I didn’t really sleep last night so I’m all ASIDUAOSJ_)*98)1!?!?!SHDO?!, ya know??

[gRAWnola photo from Yelp; other photo from us!]

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