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Our worst fears regarding Maggie Mudd's closure have come true* BUT, owner Michael tells us:

[W]e’re not entirely closing MM but transitioning to an online-only cake service, as we have now. We just won’t be keeping the retail shop. We’ll be rolling out a new website in the next several days. All the old vegan options will still be available.

Since MM won’t be entirely going away, there’s a chance it’ll appear on the street again somewhere. The currently location is really not the best, since it’s so far away from one of its core audiences.

I’ve also had some discussions with one vegan restaurant owner in the area about keeping the product flowing to the vegan community.

So, all hope is not lost! There are still cakes! And still the chance they might open in a new location! Keep hope alive! It’s a major bummer that we won’t be able to hike up Cortland for a waffle cone sundae from a surly teenager, but that’s just one more reason to buy many cakes and support the crap out of them so they’ll set up shop in one of the empty storefronts on Valencia. Maybe even where American Apparel was supposed to go? OMG REMEMBER THAT? Fucking Mission.

Anyway, today we mourn. But tomorrow? TOMORROW WE FEAST! For there are many cakes to eat before we are done, and we are not quitters. I will not stop eating ice cream cakes until it fully funds a new location or I’m buried in a piano box.**
Maggie Mudd character cake (LOVE THOSE THINGS) from digiyesica! Hi digiyesica!

*Probably lots of our other worst fears have come true but this is just about ice cream.
**Preferably face-down on top of Bruce Vilanch! Oh the (mostly awful) jokes we’d tell!

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