Berkeley Café Gratitude to stay open, Oakland Whole Foods Gratitude to close Feb. 28  »

Two bits of Café Gratitude news: According to Berkeleyside, the Berkeley Café Gratitude is going to remain open! Hey, all right!

According the the sign below, the Café Gratitude in the Oakland Whole Foods is closing on Feb. 28. What a bummer. I can’t believe that the Whole Foods Gratitude isn’t a major money-maker. It’s always packed! And packed with all different kinds of people, the kinds of people I don’t normally see in a Café Gratitude. I don’t know, it’s awesome seeing such a diverse crowd eating kale. And that includes me! I always buy a green juice while I’m shopping, and leave with at least one slice of cheesecake. My heart breaks a little at this news! Oh well, there’s always Rachel’s plan. Time to get raw, folks.

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