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Dear readers Jenna and Grace are having a clothing swap/flea market complete with vegan treats this Thursday! 

From Jenna:

Grace and I are co-hosting a FREE Flea Market / Clothing Swap at her apartment in the East Village next Thursday, October 8th, from 7-10pm. We’re both cleaning our houses out and rather than donate everything to Goodwill (although we’ll do that with all the leftovers), we thought we’d let you all have a chance to dig through our stuff and come spend the evening with us.
We’ll be at Grace’s starting at 7 o’clock. Bring your friends, your family, your coworkers—and feel free to bring your own stuff to swap, too, although it’s not necessary. We just want to get rid of things. No money, please, although I won’t complain if you show up with a plate of vegan cookies (I’ll be baking, too, of course).
Grace’s address:
410 East 20th St, Apt 6H
New York, NY 10009  (map)

Sounds like fun! Free stuff and vegan cookies! We should all have clothing swaps. Like, all the time. And we should all eat vegan cookies all the time. So when you swap, pick some clothes with a little room to grow.

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