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Clyde is currently being fostered in Queens, N.Y., but I think that still counts because he’s being fostered from the shelter. Plus, look how cute! From his foster-mom Karen:

I’ve been fostering him since December when his owner decided to get a dog who was always biting Clyde. The owner then decided to take Clyde to Animal Care and Control, an almost sure death sentence for this two year old sweetie.

Clyde can be shy at first (he spent most of his time hiding when he first came to me) but he’s an affectionate cat who enjoys being petted. Since he’s been here so long I’ve seen him come out of his shell. He loves treats and loves playing with fish pole toys. He gets along with my three other cats and has gotten along with the seven other cats I’ve fostered or cat sat during his stay here.

I’d love to keep him but since I already have three of my own and foster once in a while and TNR* here and there AND feed myself (being vegan can be a bit expensive), I can’t :(

I’d love for Clyde to find his forever home!

What do you say? Got room in your life for Clyde?! He’s so cute! Look at this ridiculousness:
Plus, how much do I want that bedspread?

Another pic for good measure and because you can never have too many cute cat pics:
If you want to adopt Clyde or if you know of a nice shelter kitty looking for a home, send me an email!

*trap, neuter, release—I had to ask Laura. She didn’t laugh at me.

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