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I stopped into Bi-Rite Market the other night, mostly to soak in some of their adorableness mojo but also to pick up supplies for this new no-wheat-no-alcohol-no-fun-kill-me-now allergy diet I’m on. I had no idea it would be a pivotal mission of new discoveries and I would become a changed woman. (I did know I’d be eating half an avocado covered in salt & pepper later on, because Bi-Rite always has excellent avocados. IN YOUR FACE, DIET!)

As I get up to the checkout counter with my yams and avocados, the typically super-nice cashier lady starts waxing enthusiastic about “kiwi berries.” I don’t think it was related to anything I was buying, I think she was just legitimately really stoked on these berries. “They are just like a kiwi,” she tells me, “but they are miniature and you eat them whole, like berries. We just got them in.”  I am (of course) immediately skeptical. “Well what are they, genetically I mean,” I demand to know, “like, a kiwi? or a berry?” She isn’t sure but she thinks, a close relation to the kiwi because it looks and tastes exactly like a kiwi, but miniature, and without the unsightly brown hairy skin.

As it turns out, kiwi berries are pretty exciting. I found I couldn’t stop thinking about them, so I went back to Bi-Rite at lunch the next day and picked myself up a pack of these adorable, packed-with-vitamins, “cocktail” kiwis. At $3.99, they are about the same price as other organic berries. And I guess these are grown in Oregon, not flown in from Siberia where they are native. Not as cool, but I feel better about the carbon footprint.

According to the experts* kiwi berries are a “nutritional powerhouse,” containing vitamins E & C, more potassium than bananas, and lots of folic acid (which is really important for you if you’re a youngish woman of childbearing age who drinks too much but may someday want to have a defect-free child, not that I know anybody like that.)

Also they are ABSOLUTELY DELIGHTFUL. Everything that is pleasant to eat about both kiwis and berries! They are sweet, bite-size, and juicy. I would highly recommend you go get you some on the double! You fools better leave some for me!

Man, the wide world of fruits and vegetables is so exciting.

*the label on the package, and the internet

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