Phoney Baloney’s is launching FOUR new flavors of VEGAN COCONUT BACON!  »


Remember when I said that Phoney Baloney’s is coming out with FOUR NEW FLAVORS of coconut bacon?! I wasn’t lying. The awesome new flavors are Apple Fennel, Low Sodium, Chipotle BBQ, and Candied (are you drooling yet?)!

And you—YES YOU!—can get ALL FOUR flavors BEFORE they hit stores! How, you ask? I was just going to tell you! It’s one of the perks Phoney Baloney’s is offering with their IndieGoGo campaign to fund said new flavors!

They started the campaign to cover the cost of the “plates” (pro talk) needed to print the bags. Once they meet that goal, they’ll go into production! Please help ensure that these AMAZING new flavors hit the shelves soon. A $25 contribution will get you one bag of each flavor! You will not be sorry if you contribute to this campaign, you will be happy and full of coconut bacon! Clickity-click through and let’s make this happen. 


Jackie Sobon (aka VeganYackAttack) & I coveting (and being goofy with) the infant-sized bag of coconut bacon at Expo West. 


Spreads NY brings vegan flavors to the Park Avenue lunch crowd!  »


So I started a new job a few weeks ago. One morning I went to Spreads, a little sandwich place right across the street from my new office (30th and Park), and low and behold! A vegan earl grey donut! I said to myself, “is this real life?” And it was! I bought one of course. 

It was tasty! It tasted less like a donut and more like lemony pound cake. Luckily, I love pound cake. It’s also gluten free, which I know some of you will like. 

Obvi I had to tell the vegan world about my new discovery and I tweeted a pic on our Twitter account. Next thing I know, Spreads emailed me inviting me to come try all of their vegan goodies! I obliged, because I’m a sweetie. image

Above is the coconut bacon and avocado sandwich. It’s a show stopper! It was our favorite item we tried. It’s rich though, I could only eat half. But the salty and sweet coconut bacon goes lovely with the avocado. It also has vegan mayo they make themselves—yum!


This is the split pea soup we tried. Two thumbs up! But I love split pea soup. I feel like it’s finally on the rebound since the Exorcist debacle. This had a hint of dill, which was interesting. 


Finally, we got to try one of their juices! I’m not a big juice person but I actually found this refreshing. Strong cucumber flavor. Kind of tasted like gazpacho? Maybe I’m being cray. 

We also met the owner—what a dream! SO passionate about food. And I love that the one vegan sandwich on their menu is a wacky coconut bacon sandwich instead of just like a veggie burger or generic veggie wrap like we’re usually offered. No, Spreads went all out! Of course I want everywhere to have a million vegan sandwiches but if you’re only going to have one, it’s really cool when it’s something exciting like this. OMG and did I forget they make the coconut bacon themselves? They smoke it with organic apple wood or something—totes intense! 

If you are in the area looking for a yummy lunch, this is the place for you! Matter of fact, call me and we’ll split one! You’ll have to get your own donut though. I need a whole one! I’m no fool. 

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