Product review: Raw Shakti Single Origin Ecuador Chocolate!  »

Raw Shakti Single Origin Ecuador chocolate has only two raw vegan organic non-GMO ethically-sourced ingredients: cacao beans and coconut sugar. That’s it! It takes some serious confidence to put out a raw chocolate with two ingredients. With so few elements, there’s no room for error—no coconut flakes to mask the flavor of slightly subpar cacao beans, no fancy superfoods to overwhelm the palate and shock any critical senses into submission.

Raw Shakti Chocolate sent me some samples. The single origin raw chocolate is indeed unbelievably intense, and not everyone is going to like it. You might wanna try one of their other varieties if you’re used to 70 percent cacao vegan chocolate or anything around that percentage. But if you like your chocolate as strong as possible, as I do, their Single Origin 85 percent chocolate will be your new mana. A small square of Raw Shakti Chocolate will remind you of that one time you woke up in an unfamiliar bed next to two drop-dead gorgeous roommates wearing B12 patches and nothing else—you’ll experience confusion, and strong sensations throughout your body, and you’ll pray for it to happen again. Get it online and at some Bay Area health food stores.

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