Some kind of hot/cold fashion/weather pun: Men’s winter coat round-up!  »

What up, homeboys?! I didn’t forget about you! I know you get cold. How about some nice winter coats?

But not before a refresher on the evils of down (not for faint of heart):

So sad. And as the video says, there is no way to tell where the down in any particular jacket comes from. Let’s look at pretty coats and be happy we don’t hurt geese.

First up, this Patagonia number.

This is your standard hooded-bomber that anybody can wear. It’s filled with primaloft and made of 100 percent recycled polyester! Yay! Besides the many eco-benefits of these down-alternative coats, many of them say down-alternatives mean you stay warm when the coat gets wet. NICE! We RULE!

Here’s a rather exciting coat, the Special Blend Rifle insulated jacket.

I’m into it. It’s kind of subtly ’80s.

Here’s a handsome coat!

Hello, Shimmer Me Timbers jacket from Columbia! Let’s cozy up!

For a grown-up look, here’s the Hamilton jacket from Marmot.
What’s up, dad! No, but for real, I like this jacket. And it has like 80 million features, which is exciting!

Let’s get a little hipper with this Under Armour coat.
This jacket highlights another bonus you get from synthetic insulation: you can move! It’s warm but thin.

Here’s my favorite, a good-old Carhartt parka!
There is nothing better than a nice boy in a Carhartt—that’s my word! Holler at me, Carhartt boys!

Finally a vest! It’s the Baffin vest from Marmot.

I wouldn’t recommend this vest for everybody but it’s pretty cool. Only get it if you think you can pull it off. Just leave it home if you’re going out on the Razor, please.

There you go, boys! Stay warm!

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