Save the tiniest (but still kinda big) dolphin from extinction!  »

Tiny animals WHAT! Unfortunately it’s not all fun and games for these Maui dolphins found on the west coast of New Zealand, and they’re not as tiny as I thought they would be.

The 55 Maui dolphins left on the planet, including as little as 20 breeding females, are facing “imminent” extinction, according to a new study, because of commercial fishing. These dolphins grow to about 5.5 feet long, live about 20 years, and have only about three or four calves in their lifetimes.

Commercial fishing is evil, duh, and not just for catching fish for people to eat. Trawling and vast fixed nets held in place by anchors have been blamed for killing the Maui dolphins. Sign the last-ditch effort petition to save the relatively tiny Maui dolphins!

[image via Daily Mail, photographer not identified]

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