Teal Cat Project to give money to the SF SPCA!  »

We love the Teal Cat Project, and are super excited to see the next litter of teal cats go up for adoption this week. We’re even more excited to learn that the latest recipient of Teal Cat funds is our own SF SPCA! Hooray!

Specifically, the SF SPCA’s Community Cats program, which spays and neuters feral cats all over the city. It’s great! Population control is the most effective way to date of dealing with homeless cats, and we’re so happy to see national attention paid to a local agency doing its best to help animals.

We don’t know when exactly the new teal cats will be available for purchase, but you can keep up with the Teal Cat Project on Facebook, and when the time comes, buy your own teal cat (and assorted merch) at their store. Congratulations to the SF SPCA on the funds! And thanks to all you CCLs for donating and buying the cats, to help realize the dream of a world in which every real cat has a happy home.

[photo via the Teal Cat Project]

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