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The New York Times and the Times of London are reporting that there is a law proposal in the works over in China that would ban the eating of cats and dogs. Oh happy day! Now ads like the above will make sense in Chinese!

From the Times of London:

In what would be China’s first law against animal abuse, anyone caught eating cat or dog meat would face a fine of as much as 5,000 yuan (£450) and up to 15 days in jail. Organisations involved in the sale of either meat could be fined between 10,000 and 500,000 yuan. A draft law is expected to be sent to parliament, the National People’s Congress, in April, according to state media.

I know, right? The FIRST law against animal abuse! Yowza, this is a big deal! I checked Wikipedia and it’s reporting the same thing: no current laws against animal cruelty in China. I guess the stuff with tigers isn’t about cruelty.

Another interesting bit: apparently cat meat isn’t as popular as dog meat because some people believe the cat “will return at night to wreak revenge.” HO DAMN! That reminds me of this scary song my dad used to sing at my elementary school, “The Cat Came Back.” It’s about this guy trying to get rid of his cat but it keeps coming back to haunt the guy and scare my third grade class. SPOOKY!

Now, I’m not really down with making some silly animal hierarchy about who’s better or worse to eat, but at the same time, I love my dog and cat! So I must rejoice! Also, if this legislation gets passed and is the first anti-cruelty law, it would be a pretty big deal for all animals in China!



New rad blog in town, it’s PAWESOME!  »

So there are a lot of blog in SF, most of them useless AND SHUT YOUR MOUTH ABOUT VEGANSAURUS. However, Eve of the highly useful SF Appeal, recently brought Pawesome to my attention. Pawesome is really great. It brings you the news on everything pets in SF; is heavily skewed towards rescue animals (yay!); and is very funny and highly readable. Plus, they post interesting stuff that I give a shit about and you will too if you have a companion critter in SF. On top of that, they are running a contest right now to get a custom portrait of your pet done. If you have a pet, you will understand what a big fucking deal this. We love to worship the pet on a level that can only be compared to my junior high crush on Adam Sandler. Which is to say: INTENSE.

Not only that, they’re connected to the awesome folks who make cute novelty animal t-shirts that aren’t something Cathy would wear. Maybe they could use that…like, “This Ain’t (Your?) Cathy’s Novelty Animal T-Shirt,” or “Cathy Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead In Novelty Animal T-shirts.” Or something better. Or just ignore me. From I heart Tripods to Check Meowt!, you’ll want them all! Seriously, I already have the tri-pod one and get between 1 and 200 compliments PER WEARING.

FINALLY, they feature adorable pets on the site and that splayed wanton hussy up there (damn lady! leave something to the imagination!) is Q-tip. Yes, like from a Tribe Called Quest. Click through to read about how gangsta she is and see her dressed as a Noble Frog. DO IT.

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