Wednesday Giveaway: get $50 of FREE supplements and groceries from iHerb!  »

Tune out the iTablet/iPad/iWhatever that Apple is sending everyone in a tizzy over today, and win $50 of free stuff from iHerb! And no, iHerb isn’t an online medical marijuana delivery service, you big stoner; it’s a discount supplements retailer that sells practically everything. Every brand you can think of, like Now Foods and Twinlabs, and even some of the more obscure items, like vegan glucosamine. Best of all, they have fast shipping, so if you live in California, their free ground shipping will get your supplies in two days at the most.

I went over to Whole Foods to compare prices, because let’s face it, not all of us are lucky enough to have awesome co-ops like Rainbow nearby, and that sometimes means Randian nutjob John Galt Mackey gets our money. (I’m a Rainbow loyalist myself, but there’s only one Rainbow and a zillion Whole Foods.) Sure enough, iHerb was cheaper by an average of 20% on the supplements I compared. My usual Twinlab B12 dots were $19.49 at Whole Foods, $10.24 at iHerb.

iHerb also has a secret grocery section with baking ingredients from brands like Bob’s Red Mill and Arrowhead Mills. So if you do a lot of baking, you can load up on supplies once, then reorder everything again as a standing order once you’re about to run out. I’d love to see iHerb set up an automatic subscription like Amazon’s Subscribe and Save, but this will do in the meantime.

But  none of that really matters because listen up: you’re going to get $50 of free stuff from them just by answering a ridiculous contest question, which I am just now thinking up. OK, here goes. All you have to do is post the answer to this question:

In the movie The Stöned Age, what kind of car do Joe and Hubbs drive?

Then I’ll pick someone at random who answered correctly. And yes it’s pot-themed because it’s iHERB, get it?? I’m just killing myself with the dad jokes over here. Go ahead and cheat by looking at IMDb, I won’t know the difference, and you’ll impress everyone with your encyclopedic knowledge of mid-’90s coming-of-age cinema.

You can also get another $5 off by checking out with coupon code BUY123. So even if you don’t win, use that same coupon at checkout and save $5 anyway! Fuck yeah free stuff!


Vegan boots here, get your vegan boots!  »

I almost kept this to myself because I’m a jerk…but I’m not scared of you! Go ahead and enter! We’ll see who’s the last woman standing!

Note that you can’t just leave any old comment, they are judging on creativity. Also note that these would totally look better on me.


Thursday Giveaway, Sluts: Matt and Nat Bag! It’s CLOSED, SLUTS! Marisa is the winner! Great name, hot chick, win win win! STAY TUNED FOR MORE CONTESTS & SHIZ!  »

It’s a back-to-school giveaway, bitches! This brand-new, large-and-in-charge (it’s 14” by 14” with a 6.5” shoulder strap!), fancy-ass Matt and Nat “Big Drop” Bag is perfect for lugging books to class, or putting all your shit in for overnights (slut!). This bag is marketed toward women, but we’re not about boxes here at Vegansaurus so go on, girl. Er, “girl.” This bitch retails for like $175 so even if you hate it, you can sell it on eBay. Depression 2.0, people. Let’s GET RICH OR DIE TRYING.

From the official Matt and Nat description (so it’s all sales-y):
Contrast stitching, brushed metal accents and a boxy shape give the Big Drop from Matt and Nat its distinctive style. Great for work or weekend shopping trips, this roomy bag is made of all-vegan materials and features a durable man-made body, dual front exterior pockets, and a convenient zipper closure.

TO WIN, type your name in the comments. We’ll pick a winner randomly soon…it’ll probably be the name I like the best or the person I find most sexually attractive. Or we’ll use Whatevs. So leave a comment now or never know the glory of a stylish vegan bag and be doomed to wander the aisles of Payless alone for the rest of your days, knowing that you have aligned yourself with Star Jones, which is totally fucked. Does that sentence even work? Not sure, don’t care. Good luck!


Omnivore pie-baking contest, let’s get a vegan to win this bitch!  »

So Omnivore Bookstore in Breeder Noe Valley is having a Pie Baking Contest. The details are a little sketchy since they seem to be releasing them only over their twitter but so far we know, it’s on Thursday, September 10th, from 6-7 pm. Any kind of pie - cut into small pieces! Prize money is simply described as: $$$. I’m guessing that’s roughly $3 million? Entrance is free to bakers bringing their pies, and $5 for folks just coming to eat and judge the pies. Door money will go to winner—easy! Let’s get all that delicious “door money” straight into a vegan’s pocket.


I think the main question is whether or not to reveal your pie as vegan before the contest? Your thoughts on this? I think what would be really interesting is for someone who makes both non-vegan and vegan pies, to enter both and see which one gets a better reception. Don’t mention that either of them are vegan. I’m curious. Because I had the cherry-pluot pie from Bike Basket Pies yesterday and let me just say, I won a whole nother kind of pie contest and this one involved me becoming fatter and more awesome.

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