That’s the Vegan Black Metal Chef. This video was emailed to us by five awesome people so even though it’s a little long and black metal has some terrible, nightmarish associations, we must post it. This dude is obviously awesome and hilarious and not a creepy racist sociopath so in solidarity we scream: CILANTRO!!


Any Howard Stern fans in the house? It’s OK. You can admit. This is a Stern-safe space—at least my posts are!

For various reasons, I have a very soft spot in my heart for Howard Stern. I’m pretty sure I learned everything I needed to know about the world listening to his radio show in high school. And, my dad works in his building and says he is a very generous Christmas tipper. Despite his many shortcomings, Stern is A-OK with me. 

So of course I can’t help but link you all to his on-air partner Robin Quiver’s upcoming vegan cooking show, Vegucating Robin. Robin became vegan in 2007; she even eats vegan at such meaty institutions like Per Se!

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