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I’m in love! New Orleans company Queork makes awesome accessories out of cork and has plenty of entirely vegan options. Like… this awesome phone case walletDon’t worry, I already bought one. I’m an aficionado of phone case wallets, they have saved my life. I used to lose my phone all the time but I haven’t lost one since I got a phone case wallet! My theory is that most people lose phones in cabs—there are studies!—but if my phone is also my wallet, I need it to pay for the cab so I totally have it in hand. Magic! I’ve been through several plastic, metal and rubber iterations but I was so jealous of my coworker’s leather wallet case. Well shucks to him because now I’ve got a cork one!

As you should well know, cork is an extremely renewable material and the company says the cork material they use feels super soft like leather (without the BLOOD and DEATH!). I’m so excited! And they’re only $39 with free shipping. Booyah!

Update!: There is a note on the Queork site that says they use beeswax to adhere the cork to the fabric backing—I contacted the maker to clarify and the cork fabric she uses to make these phone cases IS NOT made with beeswax. For other products, you’ll have to ask; but this one is a go! Long live phone case wallets!

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