Friday vegan blog link-o-rama!  »

A tour through this week in vegan blogs:

1. The Obligatory Vegan Post—a sweet essay by someone who just started being vegan and is loving it,

2. Sabor de Soledad—is vegan!

3. Amazing Vegan Ice Cream—a blog with such flavors as Barack-y Road (a delicious vegan take on Rocky Road and a nod to our favorite candidate!) and Pumpkin (Pumpkin).

4. Vegan diet good for Type 2 diabetes—DUH.

5. A great endorsement in the New York Times for Prop. 2!—No philosophy can justify this kind of cruelty, not even the philosophy of cheapness. Assholes.

6. Top Five Must-Have Kitchen Gadgets—I would add a George Foreman Grill to the list. Duh.

7. This is bizarre but Banksy is apparently saying something about factory farming—I am not Banksy. Your turn.

And now, our favorite cute animal picture of the week.


[photo by Nigel Treblin/AFP/Getty Images]

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