Coupon alert! Buy one, get one free from Beyond Meat!  »

imageJust sign a pledge not to eat chickens (EASY) and Compassion Over Killing is gonna hook you up with a buy one, get one free coupon for Beyond Meat! There is NOTHING not good about this situation. Except first you need to get off your ass and go to a store (HARD). But otherwise, WIN!

We know you guys don’t eat chickens but you can still get a coupon AND you should share this with your chicken-eating friends! You can share it with this NYT piece: Fake Meats, Finally, Taste Like Chicken. DARE them to try it. 


Stay Vocal coupon over at Green Deals! Pick one up today!  »

Feel like spending money today on a sweet deal, supporting a vegan, green business? Of course you do! You love thrifty finds, and I have got your back on this one!

If you head on over to Green Deals, you’ll find an awesome special for one of my favorite Bay-Area-and-Massachusetts-based companies, Stay Vocal.  The deal is, if you spend $10, you’ll receive a voucher for $20 worth of merchandise! I recently bought a tote from Stay Vocal that I absolutely love, and I find Alex Eaves' mission as a Re-Use Pro very inspiring. It’s such a great company to support. Have you seen his new doggie bandanas? SO CUTE.

You gotta act fast, cause this deal ends in three days! But then the voucher doesn’t expire until November, so you’ve got time to pick out your re-used goodies!


20 percent discount for Vegansaurus readers at Compassion Couture!  »

That’s right! From Monday, Nov. 14 to Sunday, Nov. 20, enter the coupon code “VEGANSAURUS” and get 20 percent off your order at Compassion Couture! I personally have my eye on the Cri de Coeur bag below. Shiz is hot!

I recently got to meet Jill and Tracey at Vegan Drinks here in NYC and they are even more adorbs in person. We struck up a convo and negotiated this little deal for you guys! I love “VEGANSAURUS” coupon codes, it’s like we’re famous! First, they name a coupon code after you, then a sandwich, then a whole country! I’m shooting for something near the equator. I do enjoy the sun.



We finally watched that episode of Extreme Couponing with the vegan couponer, and you know what? It was kind of sweet.

Perry is 28-year-old vegan living in Virginia Beach, Va., with a husband and toddler who are both adorable. They’re all vegans, and seem like nice people. The narrator tells us that Perry “maintains a three-to-six-month supply of food at all times” and we see her shelves are full of food, household supplies, and toiletries; her “stockpile” is worth over $16,000.

In this episode, Perry takes a co-couponer to Kroger to buy over $700 of groceries for a cost of like $27.

Things we learned watching Perry the Extreme Couponer

  • According to the narrator, 71 percent of 18-to-34-year-olds “rely on” coupons when shopping
  • Couponers Anonymous seems like an awesome way to trade coupons with fellow obsessives
  • Couponing is a full-time job—our Perry spends 40 hours a week “researching, clipping, and organizing coupons”
  • Sometimes if the coupon is worth more than the retail price of the item, grocers will credit you the money back, which you can apply to other purchases, like fresh produce
  • To save big, you have to buy massive fucking quantities
  • You can freeze refrigerated soy milk and have it last “for months and months”
  • If you think the price is not right, check your calculations
  • Manage your coupons with a binder and spreadsheet or risk terrifying mistakes

What’s more, Vegansaurus pal Neffy had some vegan-specific coupon tips for us in the comments! She recommends sourcing coupons “on Facebook,,,, and a few others.” Read her whole comment for details!

What I learned from this episode: I am not saving enough money on my groceries and toiletries. Think of the fantastic vegan winter shoes I could be buying if I weren’t spending so much feeding my dumb face! Or, less selfishly, think of how much money I could be donating to my favorite charities! (So much money!) Ugh. Someone send me a coupon for a binder so I can get started.


Tonight’s episode of Extreme Couponing on TLC features a vegan coupon superstar! It looks pretty amazing, and maybe full of AWESOME MONEY-SAVING TIPS for vegan shoppers? Your Vegansaurus is mostly poors, and we would love to spend less and buy more! Coupons are so great!

We also love television, so LET’S DO THIS. Watch Extreme Couponing on TLC tonight at 10 (9 Central!). Check your local listings for the precise channel number, and make sure you watch this and only this—TLC is mostly nightmare programming from the depths of human depravity, and we would never encourage you to watch anything featuring small children, small adults, or monstrosities like Kate Gosselin/Sarah Palin.

[Extreme thanks to reader Rain for the tip!]


Vegansaurus Giveaway: $50 gift card to Lulu’s + 15 percent off for everybody!  »

Check it out! We are giving away a $50 gift card to! Lulu’s has a ton of faux leather shoes and purses* and plenty of other good stuff. To win, leave a comment telling us your favorite vegan recipe and what Lulu’s outfit you would wear if you had a vegan dinner party featuring that dish. Go crazy!

Even if you don’t win, everyone is getting a 15 percent discount to Lulu’s from today until May 9. The coupon code is “VEGANSAURUS” and it’s case-sensitive! It is valid for customers in the U.S. and Canada and is a one-use-per-customer coupon. Sorry!

Have at it! I will be choosing a winner next Thursday. I know, the suspense will kill you! But don’t die! You might win!

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m pretty into these:
How cool would I be? (Hint: SO COOL)

*I can’t speak to the glue, it’s a bunch of different companies.


Discount for Vegansaurus readers from Bourgeois Boheme!  »

Hey pals! Bourgeois Boheme is giving 15 percent off all non-sale items to Vegansaurus readers until May 31! Yay! Party! They are based in London and I actually visited their showroom when I was there last year. It was way the hell out but I got some dope shoes. I’m pleased.

They have a lot of boys shoes so you guys should take a look. For chicks, I’m into this heel:

But I haven’t asked my sister’s opinion so I could be wrong about it. There’s also a lot of animal print stuff which I’m quite fond of

Bonus! “The Bourgeois Boheme ranges are completely leather-free, with no animals harmed during production; eco-sustainable materials used include microfibre faux leathers and suede and Fair trade natural and organic fabrics.” Yay! Fair trade! Sustainable! Party!

To get your discount, just enter the coupon code “BoBoVS” and wham bam! Discount!


Hello, Millennium coupon! As if you didn’t give us enough reasons to want to be inside you ALL THE TIME (hush), now here’s a buy-a-cocktail, get-a-cocktail-and-an-appetizer FREE offer! Huckleberry potato fries with sweet and spicy smoked maple ketchup, be mine. I will devour you with a fiery grapefruit-basil margarita and never want anything ever again.

Hello, Millennium coupon! As if you didn’t give us enough reasons to want to be inside you ALL THE TIME (hush), now here’s a buy-a-cocktail, get-a-cocktail-and-an-appetizer FREE offer! Huckleberry potato fries with sweet and spicy smoked maple ketchup, be mine. I will devour you with a fiery grapefruit-basil margarita and never want anything ever again.

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