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As usual, we end the week with a trip around the internets!

1. Via Eater SF, it looks like The Usual Suspects is opening up again. The menu looks like fairly boring veg cafe fare. If anyone gets there before us, could you report back? We’re not holding our breath or anything.

2. At Lifehacker, Jackson West tells us how, supposedly, to keep vegan guests coming back for more. As usual, the comments quickly take a turn for the vegan-negative worse. And the post includes a link to a three-year-old article on vegan recipes for your iPod. Surely the geeks at Lifehacker couldn’t have at least done a google search and found the PPK, the 8 billion vegan food groups on Flickr, the Vegan YumYum iPhone app or hell, even adorable us?

3. Speaking of the PPK, they have perfected their Earth-Balance-free chocolate chip cookie recipe. Did you know that all of the Vegansaurs have recently moved or will be moving? We will happily accept these as housewarming gifts. I’ll take 200.

4. Roger Ebert rhapsodizes on the joys of rice cookers. And on a related but weird note, here is a recipe (very easily veganizable) for using your rice cooker as a bread machine, via Comics Worth Reading.

5. Via Foodbuzz, I found a really cool recipe for one of our favorite things: creamy baked pasta with a cornucopia of vegan cheeses (or in this case, two kinds and some faux sour cream). Laura made a similar-looking vegan ziti for brunch last year that I still think about (and that I would like to eat again, please make it!)

Finally, as usual, your moment of adorable-ness, this week from the Puppy Cam, which has the entire Internet in a trance!

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