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First off: People who crop puppies ears are total idiot assholes. Secondly: People who crop puppies ears at home with box cutters and no anesthesia are like, OMG LET ME AT THEM. I know it’s our fucked society that treats people like garbage and so they in turn treat animals, kids, and the elderly like garbage, and I waiver back and forth between being mad at individuals and being mad at society and mainly, I’m just hella pissed off all the time. Mainly at society. A society that would let these two sweet puppies get their ears cut off with box cutters! Ugh!

ANYWAY, San Francisco-based Rocket Dog Rescue just got these two sweet three month old puppies in and they are SO DAMN CUTE and need foster or adoptive homes STAT! If you don’t know what fostering is, it’s the greatest and I’m too pressed for time to explain it right now (not doing anything special, just gotta eat lunch) but read this thing I wrote for the Bold Italic about it. If you don’t know what adoption is, you are… I don’t even know what you are but I’m impressed you can read this blog post!

So anyway, these two sweet loving wonderful pups are named Mack (darker guy) and Jack (lighter guy) and they need your help! If you know anyone in the SF Bay Area who might want to foster or adopt, please text Pali from Rocket Dog Rescue at 415 756 8188. Be persistent! She gets a million billion calls, emails, and texts a day and she needs to be harassed to make sure she prioritizes you and your need to cuddle one of these cute-ass puppies!

Pali says of the pups:

These pups are coming to rocket dog rescue TODAY, the pups are 3 months old, came into the shelter with a horrible home “crop job” ears cut off with box cutters, duck tapped to cardboard. poor little guys. they need extra special homes that will love and protect them. Adoptions have slowed down and we really want to get these pups into the safe and happy homes they so deserve. They are nice boys… happy, playful, and have a natural sweetness that just glows from them. This is the best day ever (so far) and every day will get only better. 

I love you, Mack and Jack! May you get the best homes ever that are deserving of your wonderful selves and may you never not know a day filled with cuddles and scratches and long walks in the sunshine and many cookies, both of the canine and human variety!

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