This video of horse abuse for the sake of the Tennessee’s Walking Horse National Celebration earns the coveted Vegansaurus Graphic As Fuck warning. I guess it’s not that graphic in comparison to many videos we’ve seen. There’s no bloodshed, but the cruelty and disregard is just disturbing. And the horses just seem to be in so much pain and agony. 

I’ve never heard of this walking horse thing but damnit if it’s not the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen. How do things like this develop? Widespread cruelty for the sake of something absolutely absurd. 

Ecorazzi reports that Pepsi has pulled ads from the show, most likely due to the undercover footage. I think another great idea would be to trample these men with a stampede of horses. But horses probably wouldn’t do that. Cruelty really takes a human touch, doesn’t it?

One thing you can do is send an email to your legislator, the Humane Society will help you do that.


Say hello to the cruelty of the egg industry. Canadians for Ethical Treatment of Food Animals (CETFA) documented the lives of 22,500 egg-laying hens at one facility in Canada. You’d think that would take a long time but guess what! It’s only 13 months. After that, the hens’ egg-laying declines and they get sent to slaughter. Yeah, eggs are super vegetarian. Here’s the story:

The hens’ entire lives were carefully recorded from the first moment they were overloaded into the battery cages to their brutal catching 13 months later and their transport to slaughter. 

What we learned during this investigation was shocking.  Not only was the suffering of the animals much worse than we ever imagined, the absolute filth of the eggs was sickening.  In particular, many of the eggs were laid directly in contact with excrement without a protective hard shell because the hens were too calcium-depleted to provide one.  Yet, these dirty eggs were collected and sold to the liquid egg carton industry and as bulk liquid eggs to a large cake manufacturing company.

To learn more about what’s really behind the eggs we buy, please visit our new website Get Cracking Cruelty Exposed.

Meanwhile, an estimated 98 percent of Canada’s egg-laying hens are kept in battery cages. Fucking awesome. 

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