Beer koozies are out, queso koozies are in. Plus, everyone loves cookies! The last minute vegan gift guide.  »

Crystal and Chris Tate, the geniuses behind Food for Lovers vegan queso (you’ve had it right? It’s available at Whole Foods throughout this country!) have teamed up with  etsy artists to bring you…

Koozies for your queso! Or…

a chili ornament! Or… a Texas state ornament!

Since I know you are buying one of these for me, I prefer the koozie [Ed. note: I thought it was “cozy,” because, like, now your queso will be cozy! Which is it?! Is this an east coast/west coast thing?]. How else will my queso keep warm in the chilly city of San Francisco?
If you want one of these precious “Don’t Mess With Texas" handcrafted gifts, you have to act fast. They are only available for two more days! For $20 (shipping included) you get a jar of queso, a piece of handmade artistry and a card with a personalized message for the recipient (no one has to know it’s you, buying and receiving said gift. Hey! You gotta do you).

Fat Bottom Bakery, based out of Oakland, is also offering a special holiday gift for you! Fifteen dollars will get you an assortment of a dozen delicious cookies! How do they do it? So many flavors: sweet snickerdoodles, festive spiced molasses, ginger-glazed cranberry, AND shortbread swirls with chocolate ganche. Send them to me. I will enjoy them thoroughly. Or get them for the office party! Or the family thing, then don’t tell anyone they’re vegan and watch everyone chow down! (Or eat them alone while watching netflix, whatever!)

So many cookies! This is truly a winter wonderland!

Again, $15 a dozen, which you can pick up at their bakery; or for $20, they will deliver these delectable items to you! Within Berkeley or Oakland, of course. What do you think this day and age is? A time in which we can teleport ourselves over the Bay Bridge? (I hope that time is soon)


If you were important, you’d get free vegan queso for Earth Day  »

Cameron Diaz is getting a jar of Food for Lovers Vegan Queso for Earth Day and I’m not pleased. I’m super-jealz—WHY HER AND NOT ME?!  Life is so hard and unfair sometimes. I’m also mad because I was just in Austin last month—the city of its conception and the only place I’ve been recently that it’s available for purchase—and didn’t pick any up since somehow I’m so out of the loop I didn’t know it existed.  Maybe Cameron does deserve it more than me.

Distinctive Assets (a company that puts together gift bags for celebrities—I can’t wait till I’m famous) approached Chris and Crystal Tate, creators of the world’s first vegan queso, about using their product as swag for A-listers for Earth Day. Of course they said yes. Being able to use celebrities to promote your vegan product is an incredible opportunity to reach the masses (my mom has a subscription to US Weekly, I know what I’m talking about)!

Crystal and Chris are also featured in this month’s VegNews, as they just had a super hip vegan wedding. I imagine all vegan weddings are hip (NO GRILLED VEGETABLE PLATTERS) [Ed.: We’re totally putting that on a sticker! Don’t steal it, thieves!], though I have yet to attend one. No one knows yet if the images used for the article were real or stock photos. SNAP! Sorry, VegNews, you know I still love you.
Natalie Portman is also getting a jar. I thought the baby in her womb was forcing her to indulge in animal products?  She can send her jar to me. Thanks, Natalie!

MOST IMPORTANTLY, when is Rainbow getting this in? Until then, I’m ordering mine from Vegan Essentials! [Ed.: Rainbow is totally carrying it now!] I’m awesome and won a gift certificate, which allowed me to feel like a fantastic celebrity who gets free shit for no reason. I already know what I’m doing with my jar!

This is Jenny Bradley's first post for Vegansaurus! She is one of our new regulars (you’ve already met Rachel! And there’s more where MORE! we’re a godammed clown car of new writers! Not really, just four! That’s a regular car!) and she’s really, really great. As you can tell. Anyway! Yay, Jenny!

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