Capybaras and wtf people EAT THEM!?  »

Okay so look at that photo. If that family of fucking perfectly beautiful capybaras doesn’t make you want to find/lose religion, there is no fucking hope for your whatsoever. Capybaras are the world’s largest rodent (the average weight is 100 pounds) and while that might freak you out, being hella large furry rats is actually AWESOME and you are just a close-minded anti-rodentia bigot god you probably hate little people too or some other bigoted bullshit. Capybaras are highly social and can hold their breath underwater for up to 5 minutes which basically makes them superheroes who walk amongst (those of) us (who are lucky enough to live in Argentina or Brazil). UGH, I wish there were wild capybaras in California…I would never leave the woods looking for them. It’s bad enough with my thing for Sasquatch, if I threw capybaras into the mix, I’d become a straight up woods-living witch, luring kids into my witch-shack with delicious candy only to eat them (and the candy). FUN FACT: In the wild, Capybaras eat grasses and aquatic plants, melons and squashes. UGH THE THOUGHT OF A CAPYBARA EATING A HONEYDEW PLEASE STOP I CAN’T.

Anyway, after learning recently that people eat these magical, adorable, perfectly perfect creatures, I nearly wanted to set the world on fire. WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK PEOPLE?? How can you look at that cutest ever cute face and want to chow down. But again, how can you look at this cutest ever cute face and want to chow down? I don’t know. Man, fuck it. This is a rant to nowhere. But somewhere in the world (most likely Venezuela. Fuckers.) there are ranches (read: factory farm lite) with capybaras living shitty lives and then being killed to be eaten. One of the most fucked up things I learned recently (from awesome cartoonist Minty Lewis who will be featured on these very pages maybe even later today) is that the Catholic Church allowed people to eat capybaras during Lent (when only fish is usually permitted) but should we really be surprised?

On the bright side, you can buy this really cute capybara magnet on Etsy so there’s that.


Can you help a bunny out?  »

Your Vegansaurus has an especial fondness for rabbits, Nibbler naturally being the A-number-one best bunny, but certainly not the only leporid we love.

Potentially Nervous is the home of buns Bells, Nuage, and Fats, and their caretaker “Alice.” Bells and Nuage are best pals, and Fats is a man on his own. Their blog comprises mostly pictures, with captions that create a charming narrative. High-quality photos of adorable rabbits would be irresistible anyway, but Alice’s captions make the blog appealing to those of us who want to do more than dissolve into a pile of mush looking at cutie-pie bunnies. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. It’s just that, you know, sometimes a person wants more than Cute Overload-speak.

To be honest, Fats has become my favorite bun—maybe because Nibbler is also a lone rabbit; maybe because his antics are the best documented: Look at that bunny go!

Now we come to the crux of the matter: poor Fats is ailing, and Alice needs your help. A wound from a recent injury has, instead of healing, gotten worse and worse, and Fats’ vet care has become very expensive. Ms. Alice, not a person of great wealth, does not have the means to keep her rabbits in food and keep up with the medical treatments Fats needs. In such a situation, what is a bunny caretaker to do?

Please note, Vegansaurus does ask readers for money; however, Alice’s story is so painfully sad, it seemed heartless not to make you aware of it. Maybe you can help a bunny out? A bag of pellets costs around $13; that is not, generally speaking, an exorbitant amount to give. Of course, that’s your decision, and Vegansaurus is not demanding that you donate. Just look at your bank account, then look at this face, and make up your mind.

Vegansaurus loves you, Fats.


Friday link-o-rama!  »

1. Prop 2 passes in a landslide!!! This makes California the first state in the U.S. to ban battery cages (!!!!), and adds it to the list of states that have banned veal crates and gestation crates! It’s hard to describe how historic this win is but we’re incredibly excited to see these much needed changes in the industry. Next stop, everyone mandated to go vegan! KIDDING! KINDA!

2. A roundup of favorite sellers of vegan goods on Etsy, from New Vegetarian Life (blog appears to be down for now, so here is the Google cache link). Also, check out Etsy for Animals. A bunch of charitable craftsters donate goods to sell and 100% of the proceeds go to a different animal charity each month. SO AWESOME. We’ve purchased dog collars and vegan dog treats from them. According to Hazel, the treats are delicious. We love Etsy!

3. Do Dairy Products Help or Hinder Bone Loss? A discussion of the controversy over milk’s effects on bone density, and a “dairy addict” gets a bone scan (a rather unscientific sample size of one, mind). From Grass Dirt Corn.

4. Where President-Elect Obama Stands on Agriculture. Looks hopeful. Via Also, as heard in his victory speech, President-Elect Obama (so exciting to type that!), promised his daughters a puppy. Luckily, Michelle Obama announced that they would be adopting a rescue puppy! Woohoo! Sign the online thank you card to the Obama family for choosing the best kind of dog, a rescued one! To the puppy that gets adopted by them: YOU ARE THE LUCKIEST G-D PUPPY IN THE WORLD I WISH I WERE YOU I AM SO JEALOUS!!!
you have to watch this, it’s so cute. Obama talking about how his preference is a mutt, like him! But also Malia is allergic so it has to be a dog that won’t make her sneeze all the time. MIGHT I SUGGEST, a purebred rescue dog! There are tons! A poodle is perfect for people with allergies and there are lots of poodle rescues! Puppies, even! And I’m sure they rescue would bend over backwards to get the first family their first pick of adorable puppy!

5. Winter will soon be upon us and we at Vegansaurus know how hard it is to find an adorable vegan winter coat. Fucking wool WTF?! We found a great post on Vegan Fashion Blog about cute winter coats. We also suggest thrift stores, online vegan shops like Alternative Outfitters and places like H&M, Target and Old Navy where a bunch of the coats are vegan just because they’re too cheap to buy animal products. Of course there are all the other crappy things about companies like that. Ugh, life is impossible sometimes.

6. This is the kind of thing that gives us vegans a bad name. Please stop.

And I just could not decide between this single adorable white baby koala, and an entire adorable species of pink fairy armadillos.

[koala photo via what possessed me; pink fairy armadillo photo via the argentine institute for arid zones research]


Friday link-o-rama!  »

It’s that time of the month, er week again as we take you on a tour of the internet. Some stuff we liked this week:

1. The folks at Ethical Pizza gave local vegan donut baker People’s Donuts a visit and showed us some vegan donut-making and -frying in action. It’s amazing to me how quickly People’s has expanded, I remember when they showed up on Yelp just a year ago. It just goes to show what a huge demand there is for vegan goods.

2. Always helpful Ask Metafilter has a useful vegan question: What are some good bulk vegan recipes?

3. Tips for stocking your pantry on the cheap in this tanking economy from Vegan Guinea Pig.

4. Really clever vegan lifehack: put a list of common animal ingredients to watch out for your on your iPod! (via I Am Not A Rabbit)

5. A funny vegan rant, in video format. This guy is either a genius and a saint, or an obsessed serial killer. (via Vegan Soapbox)

6. Ezra Klein noticed that Obama got Michael Pollan's open letter. Unlike some politicians, Obama reads!

And of course… your cute animal picture of the week! What is it? A baby tapir!


Friday vegan blog link-o-rama!  »

A tour through this week in vegan blogs:

1. The Obligatory Vegan Post—a sweet essay by someone who just started being vegan and is loving it,

2. Sabor de Soledad—is vegan!

3. Amazing Vegan Ice Cream—a blog with such flavors as Barack-y Road (a delicious vegan take on Rocky Road and a nod to our favorite candidate!) and Pumpkin (Pumpkin).

4. Vegan diet good for Type 2 diabetes—DUH.

5. A great endorsement in the New York Times for Prop. 2!—No philosophy can justify this kind of cruelty, not even the philosophy of cheapness. Assholes.

6. Top Five Must-Have Kitchen Gadgets—I would add a George Foreman Grill to the list. Duh.

7. This is bizarre but Banksy is apparently saying something about factory farming—I am not Banksy. Your turn.

And now, our favorite cute animal picture of the week.


[photo by Nigel Treblin/AFP/Getty Images]


Laura’s at VegFest and she just sent me this little dude. All I want to do is cuddle with him. It’s Scooter of SaveABunny!
[photo by Laura!]

Laura’s at VegFest and she just sent me this little dude. All I want to do is cuddle with him. It’s Scooter of SaveABunny!

[photo by Laura!]

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