Buzzfeed’s at it again, with 22 of the Cutest Baby Animals You’ve Never Heard Of. Trust me, no matter what kind of day you’re having, even if (hypothetically) you have PMS and were at the office until 11:30 last night, this will make everything better.

My favs, if you’re too lazy to click over to the full post (or maybe you’re so happy already you don’t need a dose of baby animal? If so, take a hard look at yourself in the mirror and admit that’s ridiculous and impossible): the baby gundi (or comb rat) from northern Africa; an echinda from Australia, whose babies are for real called PUGGLES; and a little baby dik dik, aka tiny african antelope. I would so not mind working late if I had one of those guys helping me sort through my email. No, I would still mind working late. I’d rather be at home with my dik dik, feasting on grapes and artisan vegan cheeses and seeing who won the race to my lap, cat or antelope.


Wild Animals Dead in Ohio; Cute Dolphin Photos to Ease Trauma  »

You’ve probably heard all about the super-sad situation in Ohio this week, but in case not, grab a pint of Coconut Bliss for consolation (but not a spoon, because you’ll just want to poke your eyes out with it):

The worst wildlife preserve owner ever killed himself after letting 56 of his dangerous exotic pets out to roam the wild. Freakin’ lions, tigers, and leopards were all scared and miserable in Zanesville, Ohio, as were the residents of said hamlet. 

Sheriff’s deputies figured the only way to solve the problem was to shoot the animals. The death toll as of 9:30 Thursday morning, according to the Washington Post, “includ[es] 18 rare Bengal tigers, 16 lions, six black bears, two grizzlies, three mountain lions and a baboon. Only six animals were captured alive.”

ARHRHGHH! This guy should not have been allowed to keep those poor animals in cages, but he didn’t have to ensure their slaughter to save them from circuses or shitty zoos.

Our hero Rachel Maddow had Jack Hanna on her show last night to discuss the tragedy.

[Can’t see the video? Watch it on]

"The Humane Society on Wednesday urged Ohio to immediately issue emergency restrictions on the sale and possession of dangerous wild animals," reports USA Today.

Now, are some pictures of a nice person helping to save an orphan dolphin that might ease the utter desolation you now feel:

Awww. So I guess that’s good, at least. Go see more dolphin pics on Buzzfeed if you need a bigger dose.

[Thanks to Kristina Bjoran for alerting me to both stories.]


Your right amygdala loves animals!  »

Guess what: Your brain loves animals! Duh, right, you read this blog. Or maybe you read this blog because you hate plants with such a vengeance you want to spend all your food-time destroying them. Even YOUR brain loves animals, because scientists recently discovered that everyone’s brains have a thing for them. At least this one specific part of everyone’s brains.

Turns out your right amygdala (which is an almond-shaped bundle of nerves deep in your brain that helps with processing emotions and survival-y stuff) is full-on hypersensitive to animals. Cute animals, scary animals, doesn’t matter: Show those neurons a picture of a house or landscape or whatever, and they’re like, “Yawn;” Show them a picture of your mom, or your best friend, or even the hottest person EVER, and they’re still like, “Uh-huh;” but show them a turtle or a llama or a newt? ZING! They respond 20 percent faster and more often.

The researchers who discovered this give credit to a little theory they like to call “evolution.” Ars Technica breaks it down like this: “Sometime during the evolutionary history of humans, animals became important enough to receive expedited processing in this region of the brain.” 

Moral of the story: Pay attention to animals. Your amygdala is begging you to.

 [Image by Liz Henry via Flickr]


This photo from National Geographic is just too fucking cool. Also, I can swear as much as I want to because that shit means I’m gonna live forever so fucking shit bitch motherfucker, that’s a nice photo!

This photo from National Geographic is just too fucking cool. Also, I can swear as much as I want to because that shit means I’m gonna live forever so fucking shit bitch motherfucker, that’s a nice photo!


This is an adorable video of the Animal Place cows moving pastures. As Animal Place’s Marji Beach explains, “All we have to do is call, ‘Come on cows,’ and they come running. Cows were not made to sprint, so its endlessly entertaining to watch.” So cute!

I especially love the part at the end with older guy Howie who’s all, “I ain’t running for nobody! Shit!”


Farm Sancuary’s year-end video is ADORBS!  »

Farm Sanctuary just released their year-end video, detailing the various rescues they were able to do in 2010. OMJesus the baby goats! I need a goat like now. It can eat my old clothes.

Donate to farm sanctuary today so they can save more animals! Yay!


Le Canot Rouge Giveaway! WIN SOME AWESOME SHIT RIGHT NOW!  »

Le Canot Rouge is the super-fucking-cutest stationery ever, featuring designed and created by a lovely vegan lady named Laura (CAN I GET A WHAT-WHAT FOR HOT VEGANS NAMED LAURA??). It launched at the National Stationery Show in May, where it was really well received, and the store known for everything insanely adorable and adorably insane, Anthropologie, picked it up. Go on vegan stationery company making it happen with the bigwigs! 

Laura describes her designs thusly:

The stationery features charming animals of the woods that I’ve anthropomorphized-–not wearing clothes or anything, ‘cause that would just be silly, but doing things like riding a bicycle, carrying an umbrella, or using a rescue ring. The intention is to, in a gentle, quirky way, allow people to realize that animals have their own lives, and should have their freedom, choices and rights without us humans bestowing these upon them at our choosing (or not).

So as not to damage the very ideas I want to support, Le Canot Rouge prints exclusively on process-chlorine-free, Forest Stewardship Council-certified, 100 percent post-consumer recycled-fibre paper because the medium IS the message. The paper manufacturer purchases enough Green-e certified Renewable Energy Certificates to match 100 percent of the electricity used in its operations.  

And the reason for launching Le Canot Rouge? So I can help make a change: 10 percent of Le Canot Rouge’s gross sales (rather than some watered-down ‘net’ business) is donated to animal welfare causes.  

So cute and awesome and responsible and wonderful! I want to make out with  that other Laura. I’ll tape it and it’ll be like watching Inception but the porn version. BOOM CHICKA WOW WOW (how do you type that?).

ANYWAY, your Vegansaurus and Le Canot Rouge is giving away a complete set of the animals to one lucky winner. VERY AWESOME. 

TO WIN, you must do TWO (really really easy) THINGS:

1) fan their page on Facebook (the website will be up and running soon! but not yet!) AND THEN:

2) comment here and say that you favorited their page. EASY-PEASY. If you don’t have Facebook, it’s okay! You can still comment below to win because we love you like that.

A winner will be chosen at random* next Friday, Sept. 17. 

*FULL DISCLOSURE: I will choose the person I find most attractive. Note to self, MAKE SURE TO ENTER!


Spotted in Morro Bay. Be still, my heart. MY HEART FULL OF FOX LOVE.
Thanks, CBS 5 Eye on Blogs!

Spotted in Morro Bay. Be still, my heart. MY HEART FULL OF FOX LOVE.

Thanks, CBS 5 Eye on Blogs!

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