SFACC and SFSPCA swamped with cats and kittens!  »

That's Chloe! Adopt her cute ass!If you’ve been contemplating a kitty companion, now is the time! Head to SFACC or SFSPCA (or both! They’re right next to each other!) and get your new feline best friend! The shelters are over flowing with cuddly cuteness because of the down economy. Stupid people. Stupid economy. Depression 2.0, it just got personal. Actually, it was personal about a year and a half ago, but you’ve just renewed my disgust.

If you’re not super-keen on adopting but want to help out, I bet you could foster through Give Me Shelter cat rescue. Be persistent if a rescue person doesn’t get back to you! Keep calling! They’re often overwhelmed trying to keep everything in order while receiving no pay and working other full time jobs so don’t be bummed/miffed [Ed.: heh] if they don’t get back to you right away. Just keep trying! It’ll happen! And you’ll save some lives in the process and that makes you a real life Super(Wo)Man. Awww…

[via ABC Local, photo is of Chloe from SFACC! Adopt her cute ass!]

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