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It’s Paul Shapiro’s Animal News You Can Use! Yay, Paul! Yay, Animals!

Jon Stewart may not be on the Daily Show right now, but the ag-gag debate is! Watch this week’s must-watch hysterical segment featuring a former HSUS investigator pitted against the Animal Ag Alliance. You be the judge of who won.

“A tough opponent,” “formidable,” and “sophisticated.” In the rare chance you weren’t able to attend the World Pork Expo in Iowa this week, these are just some of the ways the meat industry is describing HSUS there. We’ll take it.

NPR asked the question last night, “Why is Bill Gates investing in chicken-less eggs?” Want to know? Check out yesterday’s “All Things Considered” great feature on Hampton Creek Foods.

The upcoming week is a major one in Congress, with the House set to take up the five-year farm bill, including consideration of a Farm Bureau-backed nefarious provision intended to harm farm animals, and the federal hen protection bill (which the Farm Bureau and nearly every national meat trade group opposes). Contact your member of Congress now!

P.S. Video of the week: Dogs vs. citrus …


Vegansaurus fave Dennis Kucinich is a totally wacky vegan and that’s probably why he keeps getting elected! We love his batshit-crazy self! Really, maybe he talks to aliens, but he’s also one of the only members of Congress we respect. Ye gads, what does that say about us? Never mind, don’t want to know!


Today’s news: Jon Stewart breaks my heart.

For a Daily Show stunt surrounding the Madison, Wisc. labor protests, this poor camel is dragged around in the cold until he gets his foot caught in a gate and topples to the ground. In the video filmed before this one, you can see 1.) You “handle” a camel by hits to the jugular?; and 2.) the trainer actually walks the camel right into the gate. Genius. I’m sure it was so totally worth it for whatever amazing segment this was supposed to be a part of. I doubt it will ever see the light of television though, right? Man, Jon Stewart, I used to love you.


From the Daily Show (as reported by my future husband Wyatt Cenac), this nice woman’s application to be a foster parent was rejected because she, as a Muslim, stated that she would not serve pork in her home. Ridiculous, obviously. Have any vegetarians or vegans had trouble with the foster system because of their diets? Anyone have any information?

I can’t imagine serving animal products in my home, regardless of the situation—kids can be really picky, but there are so many foods!, and sometimes kids haven’t been able to try very many. Your opinions?

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