Represent vegans by dancing your ass off at SF Pride!  »

OMG guys, SF Pride weekend is almost here! And by almost I mean more than a month away!

It’s time to start planning because once again this there’s a group of veggie-persons who will be taking advantage of massive crowds of caring happy people to spread the vegan gospel. They’ve got buttons and everything! Last year they passed out over 17,000 vegetarian starter kits—that’s starter kits like whoa.

[Can’t see the video? Watch it on]

This year, they’re kicking it up a notch with a choreographed dance that they will be performing [I assume] during the parade. They’ve got a handy set of YouTube videos demonstrating the moves. It looks pretty much like an intense aerobics class to me but what better way to burn off some hella vegan calories than by pulling a booty flurry all down Market Street, right?

You don’t have to dance to help out, though dancing is clearly the coolest. You can also just walk or carry a sign or hand out stickers and flyers. To get involved, email and or/join the Facebook group. Here are more pictures from last year:

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