Party at Cinnaholic tonight SAY HEEEEEY!  »

Head down to Cinnaholic tonight from 3 to 7 for some free music, good┬ámind-blowing eats, and perhaps one of┬átheir adorable, limited-edition t-shirts, featuring a snail loving on a cinnamon roll. Because what’s cuter than a snail who can throw down when it comes to food? NOTHING. Okay, maybe baby sloths! BUT THAT’S IT. And maybe this baby hippo.

More party details here. Save us a cinnamon roll topped with rootbeer frosting and marshmallows and chocolate sauce WHAT IT’S A ROOT BEER FLOAT DUMMY. Oh man! Just had a brainstorm! Cinnaholic should TOTALLY have a Vegansaurus cinnamon roll, right?? Something with pink frosting that’s fat and awesome. Let’s rap, what are your ideas?

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