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In the spirits of ringing in the new year (WOOOO NEW YEAR WHAT WHAT IN THE BUTT) and reflection and improvement, we Vegansaurs are sharing our new year’s resolutions with you, dear readers. It can be easy to forget that there’s more to being vegan than abstaining from animal products, so we’ve looked really, really hard into our routines, habits, and patterns for ways to do better in 2010, and here they are! Time to get preachy! What! YOU LOVE IT!

1. More activism! Broad, I know. So let’s break it up into two kinds. The armchair kind: Call and write to politicians. The Animal Legal Defense Fund’s state rankings are up and there’s room for much legislative improvement for farm animals (besides, uh, not eating them entirely). The active kind: Spend some time volunteering for the animals each month. Leafletting, vegan bake sales, coastal biking fundraisers, petitioning, volunteering at an animal sanctuary, starting a new animal activism Meetup group—it’s all good! Seriously, you guys. The SF Vegan Bakesale has made over 10 THOUSAND DOLLARS for charities last year. That’s insane. You can totally get that going in your town. Yes, YOU! 

2. Donate! Let’s say you send just 2 percent of your paycheck to an animal organization you support. That could add up to a lot, especially if you’re rolling in it!

3. Bring lunch to work. Every time I buy a salad, a plastic container sits in a landfill for about 450 years. I’m never buying a salad again. AND THOSE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE GOOD FOR ME. God, just eating candy from here on out. Candy that I BRING TO WORK WITH ME IN A REUSABLE CONTAINER! Win-win!

4. Along the same lines, cook more, eat out less. And invite people over to eat more often (especially if they’re not vegan!). Hey, that’s one less chicken who has to die, right? Plus, with websites like VegWeb and a million billion new vegan cookbooks out there, you gotta start testing recipes. Your life will be better when it has homemade cookies in it, trust.

5. Start composting. And while we’re at it, do all the Al Gore stuff. Get rid of the car, swap out light bulbs, etc.

6. Stop using palm oil. Why? Harvesting it clears out the rainforest and leaves elephants homeless

7. Get more of our meat-eating friends to go vegan, or at least get them to pledge to go meatless a few days a week (for those who need baby steps, you know who they are). Meatless Mondays, anyone? And while you’re at it, for gifts, why not give a copy of Eating Animals, along with some tasty vegan candy? So what if it’s kinda preachy, you’re already their crazy vegan friend and there’s a chance they’ll read it and learn something. If not, it’ll go in a junk pile and someone else will pick it up. Better than than giving lame, generic bath salts or lotion, right? Oooh also, adopting animals from a farm sanctuary is a great gift too! Everyone loves a chicken, even if it’s not dinner! Right? Right!

8. Get the companion animals on a vegan diet. It’s long overdue, guys. Laura feeds V-dog to Hazel and that bitch weighs 70 pounds, you feel me?? 

9. Buy less stuff. Or, at least, buy less NEW stuff. There are a million secondhand, consignment, and used clothing stores around. You can do without that dress from Delia’s. I don’t care that it cost two dollars. Wait, two dollars? Link plz? THAT WAS A TEST.

10. Ask for more vegan options in restaurants. It’s super simple, and it often works. Hypothetical, best-case scenario: I go into Mozzarelli’s and ask if they have vegan cheese. They say no, but they’d love to know which one to buy to offer their customers. I say Daiya (of course). They put it in their restaurant. It can help to bring in samples of excellent vegan products for them to try, like vegenaise and Dandies. Prove that vegan = delicious and MORE CUSTOMERS: CHA-CHING. Done.

11. This is less a resolution and more a request, but if someone could please crack the following vegan foods in 2010: clotted cream; meringue; angel food cake. KTHX BYE.

Got some of your own? Let us know! Happy new year, y’all!


Recipe: Vegan Reese’s Pieces sayWHA?  »

vegan marshmallow love + =

Faturdayians have a way with discovering new, delicious, predominantly unhealthy (read: good for the soul/streed cred) methods of combining already awesome foods to produce new superfoods. Not these superfoods—BORING! Let us put this in an easy-to-understand equation:

Dandies vegan marshmallows + peanut butter = the exact flavor of Reese’s Pieces candy, also known as rainbow explosions.

(minus all that animal cruelty bullshit.)

Seriously. FatBelly about lost it when partaking in his nightly ritual of shoveling spoonfuls of PB into his face, he haphazardly tossed a Dandie into the mix. The results caused temporary apartment mayhem, followed by sugar-infused ecstasy, and of course more makeshift vegan Reese’s love.

What are you waiting for? Get some Dandies and get going.

You’re welcome.

We found this bit of genius on itsfaturday and let me just say, they Speak Truth to (the) Power (of Deliciousness). I don’t know what I’m saying (clearly) but HOT DAMN, that is one tasty treat.


Vegansaurus SHOWDOWN: Marshmallows!  »

Vegan Marshmallows have garnered some controversy in the past. First there were those vegan marshmallows that weren’t actually vegan and then there were the ones that were hella tasty but aquired by Whole Foods who DISCONTINUED THE VEGAN MARSHMALLOWS AND REPLACED THEM WITH BOILED PIG SKIN MARSHMALLOWS THE NERVE.

But now we have two accessible replacements on the market. PRAISE THE LORD AND PASS THE S’MORES! To determine which marshmallows were worthy of your dime (er, many, many dimes, this ain’t coming cheap!), Vegansaurus recently conducted a taste test with both Sweet and Sara and Dandies. The things we do for you people.



Okay, enough of that. So we decided to do two very scientific side-by-side taste-tests of the marshmallows, in 1) their solid(ish) state; and then 2) microwaved for a couple seconds, stopping the microwave ATTHEEXACTRIGHTMOMENT before they are set to explode, and sampled when all warm and gooey. Science is Delicious.

Dandies were fluffier but had this weird grainy thing going on. It felt like you were biting into sweet, fluffy sugar…a little cotton candy-ish. Maybe cotton candy mixed with sand. But denser. Does that make sense? They were good but were not the same as the jet-puffed campfire marshmallows I thought they would be. Sweet and Sara were denser, but the texture was smooth and perfect. These are like sweet, delicious marshmallow cakes. I love them.

Both ballooned up when microwaved. That’s when Sweet and Sara turned into a real marshmallow, the kind that when melted in hot chocolate would fool anyone. Dandies were tasty but maintained the weird graininess. I’m sure they would both make excellent Rice Krispie treats because they both melt well, and the graininess of the Dandies would surely be less evident when mixed with Krispies deliciousness, but for my money, the Sweet and Sara marshmallows remain the better foodstuff. They are a LEETLE more expensive, but worth it. Besides, you don’t need to be eating marshmallows for breakfast, lunch and dinner unless you’re this guy (weirdo cannibalism involved).

In the SF Bay Area, you can get Sweet and Sara at all Whole Foods, Real Foods on Polk, and Rainbow, or you can buy them on their site. According to the Dandie’s website, they’re currently only available online at Vegan Essentials.

Finally, The cast of Lost is way into Sweet and Sara vegan marshmallows, check out Hurley’s post here. Don’t read the comments, they will make you want to murder the world.

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