Doylestown native (that’s outside of Philly!) and singing sensation P!NK (haaaa! No but I actually kind of like the “!”) has put out a new video for her single, “Raise Your Glass” and Peta is in love with it. According to them, it was directed by vegan Dave Meyers, whose jock they ride almost as hard as they ride P!NK’s.

It’s all right. Actually I think it’s pretty funny, though I’m guessing I might be in the minority on this one? She totally kills a matador, which I like except that it’s not very bloody. More BLOOD! There’s also a bunch of women getting milk pumped from their breasts to feed a baby calf—hope that calf’s on loan from a sanctuary! It’s pretty hilarious. What else? Well, there’s some weird religious stuff I don’t get except that maybe she’s in bed with your rabbi? Like, metaphorically? I don’t know, I’m not very religious.

I thought P!NK was vegan but Wikipedia says she’s a pescatarian. LAME. I still like her. However, not as much as I like when you guys make fun of pescatarians! Someone has got to have a pescatarian lightbulb joke! Please? Come on!

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