This Wednesday’s Millennium Winemaker Dinner — Special for Vegansaurus readers!  »

Hey! You know how you want to be fancy all the time but you also need to hoard your groats!? Well, we’ve got a solution! Well, kind-of!

Millennium is offering their Millennium’s September Winemaker Dinner THIS WEDNESDAY for $60 instead of $75 if you mention you heard about it on Vegansaurus! It’s just that easy! So, you can’t be HELLA poor if you wanna go, but you can be cheap and wanting of an extra $15 in your pocket. You can use that money to buy me diamonds and rubies and a pony and seven sandwiches LAY OFF ME I’M STARVING.

Here’s the skinny from Millennium:

Our wine director Chris Tavelli is thrilled to partner with Terra Savia for our September winemaker dinner. Owner and Winemaker Jim Milone is a fourth generation Hopland Winegrower and has been making wine for over 30 years. He adheres to the highest standards of organic certification and, committed to land conservation and wildlife preservation, considers impact on our environment throughout the winemaking process. Jim produces one of the few organic California sparkling wines and uses the traditional Champagne method. Eric Tucker, Emmy Miller and their team are excited to have the opportunity to create a five course globally influenced, locally sourced menu around these delicious wines. Join us for an unforgettable evening with Chris and Jim Milone from Terra Savia who will be on hand to discuss the wines and to answer any questions you may have.

"put more effort in the vineyard and minimize treatment in the cellar; winemaking starts when you lay down the first compost in the Fall and prune in winter."

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011
Sparkling Wine Reception 6pm
Dinner Served Promptly at 6:30pm
5-course menu with wine pairings
*$75/person $60 for Vegansaurus readers!!
*(before tax/gratuity)
Space is limited, please call Alison to reserve your seat at the table today
415.345.3900 x 13

Below is a sneak peek (sexy!) at the menu!

2009 Chardonnay
En Croute
seared king trumpet mushroom, Chardonnay cream sauce, fried nori

2007 Blanc De Blanc
almond crusted champagne grape, macadamia nut “cheese”, Bosc pear, frisee

2007 Meritage
Baked Yuba Roll
carrot-parsnip kinpira & tofu filling, tea smoked plum sauce, red wine-star anise caramelized cabbage with apples

2008 Cabernet Sauvignon
Empanada Verde
plantain crust, chile & citrus marinated Portobello mushroom asada, pineapple-cacao mole, grilled watermelon salsa

2008 Petit Verdot
Brik Pastry Beggar’s Purse
shelling beans & chanterelle mushrooms, “gorgonzola” soft polenta, stewed tomatoes, pine nut toasted bread crumbs



Groupon’s $15 for $30 worth of food (and drinks!) at the V SPOT in NYC!  »

Get your groupon for V Spot, NYC-ers! V Spot is totally in Park Slope—strollerland!—just like me! So I’m saying, you should take me with you! We can go on a Vegansaurus date! And I’ll write all about you! No, wait, come back! It’ll be fun!

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