“ Historically, the primary health value of meat and dairy has been attributed to their generous supply of protein. But therein lay a Trojan horse. „

T. Colin Campbell debates professor of nutritional sciences Nancy Rodriguez on the merits of a vegan diet. It’s not the most interesting read, but it’s in the Wall Street Journal, which outright asks, “Would We Be Healthier with a Vegan Diet?” I love it when mainstream right-of-center news outlets take us seriously. It’s like an absent parent suddenly showering you with affection (Even a crappy plastic toy still counts as as love, RIGHT?):

But whatever you currently like to eat, digging into some of the issues that define this debate could be good for your health. Indeed, there’s obviously more at stake here than pleasing our taste buds.

We know, WSJ, we know!


In March, Intelligence Squared hosted a debate at the Wheeler Centre in Melbourne, Australia, on the topic “Animals Should Be Off the Menu.” Peter Singer, Philip Wollen, and Veronica Ridge spoke on the pro side, and Adrian Richardson, Fiona Chambers, and Bruce McGregor were con.

Wollen, a onetime vice president of Citibank and founder of the Kindness Trust, brought the house down with his 10 minutes on the horrors of slaughterhouses, and the absolute wreck the meat industry has made of the environment. Take a break (you are legally entitled to it, at-computer workers) and watch it! Then go cry in the bathroom because it is an emotional subject, and seeing an erstwhile super-capitalist get worked up about animal rights and economic disparity is really moving!

Read the full text from Wollen’s speech here, get a nice summary of the debate here, and check out the full, 71-minute event here. In the future, no one will eat animals, and no one will starve.

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