Treehugger talks about vegans again and bores the hell out of me  »

Sami Grover at Treehugger is talking about veganism again, in "What does a Vegan World Actually Look Like?" He in no way answers this question or attempts to take a stance. Because I’m always willing to share knowledge, I’ll answer his questions for you: Is a vegan world healthier? Yes. Is it less cruel? Yes. Is it more sustainable? Yes. Now here’s MY question: We see so many good reasons to be vegan, what’s a good reason NOT to be vegan? I’d love to hear a legitimate reason that goes beyond “bacon tastes good.”

Further: Sami Grover, what is up with you, sir? With posts like "I Don’t feel Bad for Eating Meat. So Why Do I Apologize For It?" (pro tip: because you do!) and "Why Vegans Are Welcome to Call me a Murder" (OK, murderer!), it’s starting to look like you’re sourcing your articles from Defensive Omnivore Bingo. If you’re not, you should be! Please see the below game board, that should keep you busy for a while—you can do a write-up for each square!


Defensive Omnivore BINGO!  »

Have you ever wanted a handy dandy sheet of paper that would help you navigate those conversations? You know, the ones you have with “funny” omnivores? The ones where you wished you could hold up a sheet of paper in front of their faces and punch them through it, a la the Three Stooges? Well, friend, your wait is over—that sheet of paper is here. I give you Defensive Omnivore Bingo! The vegan answer to omni “gotcha” journalism!

Brian VanderVeen is the mastermind behind the Defensive Omnivore Bingo Card that’s been sweeping the vegan internet. He also writes, cooks, and photographs for his Veganachronism blog. He got the idea for the bingo card after one too many conversations about the annoying things meat eaters say to us vegans. It’s one of those things that’s so genius I’m actually really mad that I didn’t think it up myself first. I’m looking forward to printing out a billion copies and smugly daubing away and smiling next time some meat eater asks me “what about the poor plants, huh?” Alternately, I’d love to make it into a t-shirt and carry around a blood-red bingo dauber so that I could perform snarky performance art by marking my own chest with each stupid question. Either way, give your props to Brian, and pass the image on! Oh, and somebody make me a t-shirt, would you?

[Ed.: This is the first post from new Vegansaurus contributor, Jordan! She is totally rad and you’ll be seeing more of her (along with a few other awesome people who you’re going to love and want to write poetry for and show them your junk and stuff). So anyway, Hi Jordan! You can read more from Jordan at Too Vegan To Function, and keep an eye on Sugar Beat Sweets, which will open IN THE FLESH verrrrrry soon! Yes, that is right, she is one of the amazing bakers behind the delicious SBS. Obviously, she is incredibly fabulous & you will love her forever.]

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