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Denny’s became the latest national food retailer to send shockwaves through the pork sector by jointly announcing with HSUS that it’s going to phase out pork from gestation crate confinement operations. Amazingly, the pork industry’s leaders still defend this archaic practice, leading to the question: Is pork becoming the new veal?

The latest HSUS gestation crate undercover investigation made headlines across the nation. While there are too many pieces to enumerate here, this Forbes story on it was particularly interesting. (And about a quarter million people have watched the video online in the first week since release.)

The NY Times' Mark Bittman has a potent piece asserting that if you care about climate change, you really ought to be eating fewer animals. Check it out.

Video of the week: I’ve never wanted an iPad as much as now.

Can’t see the video? Watch it on!]

Bonus article of interest: Did you know cockroaches “form closely bonded, egalitarian societies, based on social structures and rules”? I didn’t either.



Foie gras at Denny’s in Japan. I’m so confused, didn’t Denny’s recently try to update their image to emulate that of a ’50s American diner?? It’s no surprise that Japan would be all over that insanity, but the real question is, WTF would foie gras be doing on the menu of an American diner in the 1950s!?

It’s the inconsistency that kills me, friends.

Further, puke.

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