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Trying to find a vegan deodorant that works is the worst, isn’t it? It is! But, I have good news, because North Coast Organics makes vegan deodorant that not only works, it smells fantastic too! 

I bought my Death By Lavender, hand-made, organic, all-natural deodorant on Vegan Cuts, after reading Bianca Phillips’ review on Vegan Crunk! I am so pleased with it, I want to shout from the rooftops, and so this is me trying to do an internet equivalent of that. 


At first I had to get used to the wetness I felt on my skin right upon contact, as it takes a short period of time to dry, but now I don’t even notice it. I really love the scent of the lavender; it’s like aromatherapy for my pits! (TMI? Too bad!) The weather in SoCal hasn’t been particularly hot though, so I don’t know how this deodorant would hold up on a scalding summer day. I consulted an Instagram friend in Texas, (@veganhouston) who said he uses this brand too, and he replied “Works great in the heat! Probably better than other brands I’ve tried.” So there you have it! Keep in mind there are two other varieties I have not used: Revolver and Naked.

I know the search for a cruelty-free deodorant that actually keeps body odor at bay can be a tedious and disappointing one, so I am stoked to share this find with you! The only time I noticed things starting to get a little stinky was when I tried to go a second day without reapplying it. (I am doing my part to conserve water by not showering every day! I am a very elegant and glamorous hippie, in case you did not know.) 

You can order North Coast Organics deodorant on Vegan Cuts, as well as directly through their website! There are also trial sizes and sets available! Shout-out to Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood, where North Coast Organics products are hand-made AND I used to live! It’s a happening place! 

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