Commercial Street: Does veganism mean you can trust NOTHING?!  »

So this is neat but also depressing: Your Daily Vegan has a new interactive tool called Commercial Street, which shows you more truthful versions of labels on the stuff we buy. Imagine how many people would buy a carpet if they first had to read a colorful description about the making of the product, including the number of animals abused and killed each year to make it. The economy would collapse! More than it already has, I mean!

Take a virtual stroll down Commercial Street, and click on things you might buy, like duck (because that’s what I get every day at the Safeway):

All-purpose cleaner:

A scarf:

And fish:

I realize I’m coming off a bit snooty. However, Commercial Street could be a useful tool for the vegan-curious who might not know that, say, cheese and cashmere are not vegan. Plus it will get folks in the habit of doing more research. But since it is unlikely non-vegans will be casually perusing a site called “Your Daily Vegan,” people like us need to send them there!

On the other hand, reading these labels also makes veganism seem ever more daunting. It’s definitely important to consider the effects of all the choices you make, but when you see a visual representation of how you’ll never be a perfect vegan, it’s enough for some to throw up their hands in defeat. In my opinion, we need to make veganism more accessible, not less. What do you think of this feature?

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