More vegan ways to blow your paycheck: Compassion Couture!  »

I know I’m a little late reporting but I just have to put in a good word for this online shop, Compassion Couture. It’s adorbs. It was started by two sisters who I’m guessing are adorbs too. They don’t have a ton of stuff but it’s well curated so what they do have is dope. I’m into these Olsen Haus shoes. I couldn’t wear them because I get cranky if the heels are over two inches. But if you wear them, I’ll totally hit on you.

Of course we all know Olsen Haus but they also have some brands I’ve never seen, especially in the purse department. Have you guys heard of Dialog? Well I hadn’t. Kind of wacky but I’m into it. They also have those Reveal iPad cases that I want! Why does no one think I’m important enough to have an iPad? Damn it! I need one! Angry Birds is so tiny on my iPhone!

[P.S. Have you bought your super-sexy Vegansaurus shirt yet? They’re going fast!]

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