This is a trailer for Dirt! the Movie, which you can go see this very evening. Yes it’s last-minute, but it’s also Tuesday, what else do you have planned? Tonight at 7:30 Hayes Valley Farm is hosting a screening of Dirt! the Movie, a documentary about soil. No, that does not sound totally dull, it sounds totally fascinating. Then again, I love a documentary, of course I’d watch this. It’s narrated by Jamie Lee Curtis, now known for her ridiculous Activia commercials, so if you get bored you can make “regularity” jokes!

The doors open at 7:30 with “shorts and live music” from How-To Homestead, and the film begins at 8:15. TONIGHT! Tickets cost $5 for general admission (“bring your own blanket”) and $10 to reserve a chair; for $3 more you can buy homemade popcorn and a drink. No word on whether the popcorn is vegan, unfortunately. Hayes Valley Farm is located at 450 Laguna St. between Oak and Fell Streets.

It starts in under three hours so you better make dinner plans soon OK? Because you’ll definitely want to see this!

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