It’s time for Puppy Bowl VIII!  »

Let’s get ready to PUPPIES!

This year, Brandy of the Pennsylvania SPCA is my MVP!

With Aberdeen of the Sullivan County SPCA

and Friday of SRL, Inc. as close runners-up. I love a maltipoo!

All the players in Puppy Bowl VII are both totally adorable and totally adoptable. Who are your picks for MVP? Does anyone else dream about being the ref? PUPPIES I LOVE YOU. See you in two weeks!



Site for awesome people, Videogum, has the starting lineup for Puppy Bowl VII and WE ARE SO EXCITED!! Perhaps MORE EXCITED THAN LAST YEAR? Hard to say, we just REALLY LOVE PUPPIES. Especially puppies who all come from different adoption organizations! Who can’t wait until Feb. 6? NOT US!

Who do you like for Most Valuable Puppy? Some of your Vegansaurus writers have made their picks, as follows, in no particular order (except my favorite is first because I wrote this).

Jordan and Meave like Charlie of United Hope for Animals; he’s got a mischievous look in his eye that clearly says he’s down for scrappin’, yellin’, and mixin’ it up.

Megan Rascal’s going for Calvin of Catawba County Animal Services, because “he means muther-loving business.”

Laura’s vote is for Big Red of Butch’s Place Animal Rescue, because “it’s self-explanatory. And also, he’s not a Shepherd mix, that little dude is a super-cute pit bull mix. Maybe with Rhodesian Ridgeback? God, I cannot wait to see his adorable ass in action!”

Man of few words Jonas supports CB of Underdogs!

Which super-puppy-athlete (pup-thlete? BARF) wins your vote? It is VITALLY IMPORTANT that you choose! Or at least look at all the puppies and not die of cuteness, although that part is probably impossible.

[photos from Puppy Bowl VII, via Videogum]


Animals! Adjectives! Television!  »

"Discover the glorious variety of life on earth and the spectacular and extraordinary tactics animals and plants have developed to stay alive."

Yowza! Take it easy with the adjectives! But this does seem pretty exciting. The Discovery Channel has put together a cool-looking series called Life. It’s the second chapter of their popular series Planet Earth and focuses on all the amazing animals we got here on Earth. There’s 10 episodes, including Birds, Insects, and Creatures of the Deep. Yeah that’s cool but guess what number 10 is!: Primates

OMG I love me some primates! Especially the apes!* They’re all cool with their “I eerily resemble a human but not quite” shtick. Robots are like that too except apes are way cuter. Except for maybe Number 5.

The series airs Mar. 21 through April 18th.

*I know, I know, we’re technically apes too, but you know what I mean.

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