The weeklong vegan experiment failure: How was your first vegan week?  »

Whitney Filoon of the Dallas Observer* tried to follow a vegan diet for a week, but only lasted five days. She says she was “grossly unprepared, and too busy to cook many meals” and so set herself up for failure. I’m sorry, Whitney! You really should try again. As evidenced by the above photo of the Dream Cafe's You're So Vegan breakfast, Dallas isn't a vegan wasteland.

It seems like a lot of these “vegan for a week” writers don’t last very long, or are very happy, and I feel like a lot of the time it’s because of poor planning before going vegan, and then not making much of an effort to be vegan during the experiment. Like, what if Whitney here had asked her friends to meet her at a vegan restaurant, or stopped by a place for a giant delicious vegan sandwich before going to the non-vegan place with her boyfriend where she finally quit? Adopting a new diet can pose challenges, but that’s true for every change in routine.

What I want to know is, what was your first week as a vegan like? Has it been too long for you to remember? Or was it just last week? My first week of the first time I went vegan was like a magical adventure—my then-roommate and best friend convinced me to try being vegan with her, and I said, Sure!, and we went shopping for soy milk and hummus and ate bean-and-avocado sandwiches, and it was great. Of course, whenever I get to explore new sections of a supermarket is a good time to me, and also I was 19 and into experimentation. But what about you? Spill your first-vegan-week guts!

*Disclosure: The Dallas Observer is owned by Village Voice Media, which also owns the paper I work for.

[photo by madame.furie via Flickr]

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