East Bay vegans! Come out to the Berkeley Dish Crawl!  »

East Bay Ethiopian 5EVER. Will this be on the menu? Buy a ticket to find out, we have no idea.

Dishcrawl, the eating event for people who mean Serious Business about their food intake, is doing an all-vegan event in Berkeley next week! They’re keeping the restaurants secret, but tickets are $39, there are eight left, and do you have a better way to spend a weeknight than with a bunch of hungry East Bay vegans? Don’t even act like you’re popular; what you want to do is attend this Dishcrawl and make some friends on your side of the bay!

This Berkeley vegan Dishcrawl starts at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 18. Contact the organizer, Sarah, with questions, and get ready to get down. Will it be all Ethiopian and Flacos and spicy legumes? Or maybe it’ll be a pizza-and-cinnamon-roll extravaganza! You know we love Berkeley and its many vegan options; the only question is how you will get home after devouring the neighborhood. Is there a special taxi for vegans too full of food to walk? Probably there should be.

[photo by selena hoy via Flickr]


Get up on this: Vegan dinner crawl in Berzerkley!*  »

There’s apparently this thing called Dishcrawl and they organize mobile feasts for awesome fatties who want to binge. I like the sound of THAT! They’re doing one in Berkeley and it’s ALL VEGAN and that’s exciting. Basically, you pay $26 and they lead you to four restaurants and have delicious food planned out for you and you eat and laugh and then eat some more. Maybe at some point you pass out? Then you wake up and you eat some more! Actually, this is sounding like a dream-turned-nightmare I had.

Anyway, the event takes place on Thursday, Mar. 24 in downtown Berkeley at 7 p.m. If you want to join in on the food festivities, email organizer Colleen!

*dad joke!

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