Paul Shapiro presents: HSUS on CNN, Bittman on humans, and a goat with dance fever!  »

It’s Paul Shapiro’s Animal News You Can Use! Yay!

Happy Meatless Monday! HSUS’s MM video is nominated for a Do Gooder Award (in the “Large Organization” category), so please vote for it!

Want more evidence of how important it is for animal advocates to be politically active? Check out the Des Moines Register’s article on the very large donations from agribusiness that Iowa’s ag-gag proponents received.

I was glad to be on CNN Headline News with the wonderful Jane Velez-Mitchell and my similarly awesome coworker Dr. Michael Greger to discuss factory farming and antibiotic use. As well, I had a good time doing an hour-long conversation about farm animal protection on Pennsylvania Cable Network (kind of like C-Span for PA) with the head of an industry group called Penn Ag.

Mark Bittman’s been tearing it up lately with his latest great NYT piece on the “Human Cost of Animal Suffering.” Don’t miss this one!

Video of the week: A Dancing Goat. No more words needed. Bonus video: The beef industry’s new video opposing the federal hen protection bill pending in the Congress….

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