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Happy Election Day, ya’ll!!! It should come as no surprise that all the Vegansaurs are very Pro-Bama, as well as very firmly Yes on 2.

Many of you will be throwing election parties tonight to watch the returns (and hopefully cry like a baby when Obama wins) and I thought I’d give you a little help with your menu.

1. Serve Silk Nog
Silk Nog has made its triumphant return to grocery stores for the holiday season and there is no time to start drinking it like tonight; a well lubricated throat more effectively yells at the television.

2. Blue Food
recommended eating blue food in honor of a Democratic victory, which I think is a really cool idea. Here are some ideas: Vegan LunchBox gives us an incredibly easy blueberry pie recipe.  Or you can follow the lead of La Vegan Loca and make these gorgeous Obama-themed blueberry cookies. If you don’t have time for that, there’s the wonderful Terra Blue potato chips (anyone want to buy some blue potatoes and try out Laura’s microwaved potato chips? Let us know if you do!). You could also try your hand at veganizing blue mashed potatoes or if you really want to take this theme to the next level, buy some faux bleu cheese, or Bleu Sheese. What the Hell Does a Vegan Eat Anyway has a wonderful-looking recipe for an arugula and Bleu Sheese pizza.

3. Get all patriotic
Today is a pretty awesome day to be an American. If you are really, really proud of your country (or want to get ready to be proud of your country when Obama takes it back), have some patriotic treats ready. You can make red, white, and blue cupcakes, or you can make all of the patriotic food listed in this Associated Content article, “How to Make Patriotic Salads and Veggie Finger Foods.” Highlights include: Festive Fourth of July Slaw!—we recommend Wildwood Garlic Aioli or Vegenaise as mayo substitutions—and Stars and Stripes Vinagrette! Patriotism demands exclamation points!!

You could also, you know, celebrate like Real (vegan) America: get a 24-pack of your favorite nonpartisan beer (that means nothing from the Anheuser-Busch company, my friends), a package of Tofurky sausages, a bag of tater tots, and a package of Newman-O’s, and gorge yourselves on junk food and malt liquor.

Here’s to the future!

[Silk Nog photo by vigilant20]


Get out the vote today! Yes on 2! Puh-lease!

Meave originally wrote this somewhere else!

Californians who vote no on Prop. 2 deserve the same treatment they’re condemning the pigs, calves, and chickens to.

Do you know how many of us vegans have been working to get this proposition passed, because we care about the way you people treat the animals you eat?

Did you know that the Humane Society had to get it these laws passed by voter mandate because the state legislature is owned by the farming industry, and would never make these kind of humane changes on its own?

Did you know the anti-Prop. 2 campaign is primarily funded by out-of-state companies? If the passage of this proposition would increase out-of-state egg importation, why do you suppose these companies are so invested in preventing it?

The state had to force the USDA and the American Egg Board—your tax dollars at work!—to stop buying anti-Prop. 2 ads in September. The federal government caught in a scheme to illegally influence an election! Why do you suppose that is? Perhaps you can extrapolate; when does the government, particularly the federal government, ever willingly accept stricter regulations, health and humane treatment of animals regardless?

I haven’t bought an egg in over four years. But if you still think of eggs as incredible and edible and all that, you have a responsibility as a conscious person to consider the animal from which those eggs come. All those chickens know in their short lives is pain, misery and fear. Why wouldn’t you take that away, now that you’re given the chance?

“It would cost more,” incidentally, is a lot of nonsense. It will not cost considerably more. It will not put all the independent egg farmers across the state out of business—how many do you suppose aren’t actually connected to massive farming conglomerates, by the way? “It would cost more,” sounds so much more disgusting coming from people who have never seriously considered the cost of eggs before. How patronizing, that you suddenly care about “California’s working families” and their heavy reliance on cheap eggs for their daily protein requirements. Don’t worry, your pals at the corner store and the checkstand and the laundromat are going to be fine, jerks.

I’m excited to be excited about the results of an election tomorrow. Don’t fuck it up.

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