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When I tweeted about Figgy’s appreciation for his new vegan pig ears, a bunch of people responded. I understand why—it’s hard to find a good veggie chew! And I’ve read chewing is a natural habit for dogs that relieves boredom and stress, and can help clean their teeth. My Figaro doesn’t really care for chew toys nowadays—if he can’t eat it, he’s not interested. So I’ve done a fair amount of searching for the perfect edible vegan dog chew. I don’t know if I’ve found perfect, but I’ve found some good stuff. And it’s all Figgy approved!

Here are the pig ears you can see Figgy devouring in the top pictures. They are from Vegansaurus friend Vegan Essentials. Fig LOVES them. The only prob was one didn’t last that long. It lasted about ten minutes. That’s longer than it used to take him to eat those yam chews though. And like I said, he really liked it, so these will be a regular in the Figgy treat rotation.

This is a long-lasting option that is vegan, as far as I can tell: Paragon crocodile dog chews (there are hedgehogs too!). You can buy these at Figgy’s friend’s store Nip and Bones. The issue with these is that I don’t think they’re super flavorful but that may be why they last so long. It seems like Figgy likes to carry these around more than chew on them—but whatever keeps him happy! He even tries to take them with him on walks, so silly. And he does eventually work his way through them so it’s a nice little chew. 

I’m sure you’ve heard of Sam’s Yams; well Fig is totally over those. They had a good run, but they only lasted him about five minutes anyway. But then I discovered these Sam’s Yams bones and Fig will actually condescend to eat these! I don’t know if the chamomile makes him calm but as chewing is a stress relieving activity, it must do something regardless.

Here’s a nice bone Figgy likes, the peanut butter Booda Bone. He’s not obsessed with these, but he enjoys them. I emailed the maker and they said both the peanut butter and mint bones are vegan. Fig likes the peanut butter ones.

This isn’t actually a chew but these deserve a mention. When I first got Fig from the PSPCA, he was a skinny-mini and liked any treat he saw. Now he’s a fatty and he’s so snobby about treats! He is totes over your dry biscuit variety; it’s all about moist, chewy treats. For that I recommend Paw’s Gourmet Chunky Chewies. Figaro loves these. They’re just made of peanut butter, molasses, and oats; so you could probably make them at home but bleh, I hate making stuff (though if you have a recipe you’ve tried and liked, send it and I’ll link it). If you are not opposed to honey, these little molasses bits from Paw’s Gourmet are a great size and also nice and soft. But the Chunky Chewies are honey-free.

Last but not least, don’t forget about a good old Kong toy filled with peanut butter. You can freeze it with the peanut butter inside to make it last a bit longer. You can find Kong just about everywhere. Again, not a chew; but this is good activity and sure to relieve boredom. 

There you have it! To all those dogs who think chewiness is next to godliness, there’s sure to be something here for you.


Spotted at Trader Joe’s: Cookie Butter, vegan dog treats, and organic coconut oil!  »

Just thought you’d all like to know, because cookie spread is ridiculous, and often really hard to find in the United States. Biscoff was spotted at Cost Plus, but there can always be more cookie spread. Always more. Always. Anyone have any cookie spread cake or cookie recipes? Because I’m finna experiment.

Annnnd organic coconut oil is so great for holiday baking and for high-heat cooking and also, spread that shit on some toast and call it a day. OMG, make grilled cheeses with it. Melt it on popcorn! Use it to grease locks and break into your neighbor’s house to steal the cute dog she never walks/smash in her insanely loud sound system! The sky’s the limit!

And finally, check out these cute-ass vegan holiday dog gingerbread men! Trader Joe’s really works it on the packaging and I appreciate the effort. So does Hazel and Toby! Actually, they don’t give a shit about the packaging but they do like the cookies!


It’s Toby time! Revisiting my favorite maltipoo  »

I thought there was no room in my heart for dogs. Cats, I understand them; they are moody, picky, sassy, make no qualms about wanting to scratch your eyes out if you mess with them and when they love you, it’s like being initiated into a super-secret club in which you two are the only members.

My cold, dark heart began to melt last summer when I met my sister’s dogs, Jake and Billy. They loved me the instant they met me (I do always appreciate having the upper hand) and followed me around as if I was the leader of their playful, slobbery doggie pack.

Billy and Jake. Jake suffers from red eye, much like myself.

Now, it’s official: Toby has stolen my heart and is running with it. I read this little guy’s updates everyday, and just bought the homemade vegan dog biscuits for Jake and Billy. Hopefully my sister will be able to give me a review by the end of the week!image
Toby is having a slew of medical problems, yet his parents, John and Veronica, can see the fight in his eyes and are doing everything they can to get him healthy again.

John explained to me, “Toby is family. By choice we don’t have kids; our dogs are our kids. Toby has a shot at a normal (or closely monitored normal-ish) life but he needs time to get regulated. The idea to sell the biscuits was inspired by the Apron Campaign, which I got Veronica for her birthday last year. We looked for ideas of what we could do to help raise money for Toby so we could afford to keep his treatment going.”image
Toby and his “sis,” Meg

I’m rooting for you Toby! If we lose you, I’ll never find it in my heart love dogs again! Okay, not true. You’ve actually opened my eyes to the adorable world of dogs, and perhaps one day, when I have the living space, I will have a pooch companion.image
Toby, I love you so!

[Photos of Toby by John and Veronica]


Meet Toby! Help save his maltipoo life!  »

This cutie pie maltipoo needs our help, stat. You see, Toby has been diagnosed with both diabetes and a disease called Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia (IMHA). He needs only insulin for his diabetes, but a cocktail of other medications for the IMHA, including prednisone, cyclosporen, doxycyclin and leflunemide. The meds for IMHA actually make Toby’s diabetes worse, and therefore he has been hospitalized. We all know how quickly vet bills can add up!

The family caring for Toby has created Time For Toby, a blog explaining his condition and how he came to be a part of their household. It also serves as an avenue to buy vegan dog biscuits, vegan biscotti or simply donate some cash to help support Toby. They need money to buy more time, to find a perfect balance of meds to regulate this little guy. You know you won’t be able to look yourself in the mirror if you don’t help out, so DO IT!


Pastafarian Kelly G., her husband, and their animals celebrated ChriFSMas this year with, among other things, “homemade some star-, candy cane-, and bone-shaped pumpkin pie dog biscuits.” Everyone celebrates! Except, says Kelly, Ozzy the cat, who is “on a diet. Plus he’s kinda mean to me.” Cats don’t care about Christmas, though, so it works out.

Pastafarian Kelly G., her husband, and their animals celebrated ChriFSMas this year with, among other things, “homemade some star-, candy cane-, and bone-shaped pumpkin pie dog biscuits.” Everyone celebrates! Except, says Kelly, Ozzy the cat, who is “on a diet. Plus he’s kinda mean to me.” Cats don’t care about Christmas, though, so it works out.


Vegan dog biscuit round-up!  »

My dog Figaro (rescue dogs represent!) is snobby about his treats. People are always trying to give him biscuits and he totally ignores them like, “Ahem, I eat chewy molasses treats and spoons of peanut butter like whenever I want; bleh to your dry biscuits!” And the people get all sad and I have to tell them he’s just nervous and I’ll give it to him later, then I give it to a homeless dog with less discerning tastes. But guess what! I’ve found a biscuit treat Figgy LOVES! Cloud Star’s green apple and peanut butter Muttos! They are a two-in-one flavored biscuit and they look so cute that I had to try them out when I saw them at whole foods.

What am I getting at??? VEGAN DOG BISCUIT ROUND UP!

Like I said, Fig’s latest and greatest treat, by Cloud Star. They have two vegan flavors: Peanut butter and apple, and blueberry and oatmeal. Haven’t tried the latter yet but like I said, Figgy loves the PB and apple ones.

Buddy Biscuits!
Cloud Star makes FOUR vegan flavors of these bad boys. Yowza! But these are not as popular as their chewy counterparts in my house because chewiness is next to godliness around here.

Mini Bakes!
Zukes offers one vegan option, the Peanut Butter ‘n Blueberryz flavor. These come HIGHLY recommended by our other resident vegansaur dog, the beautiful Hazel. Edit: Zuke’s Superfood organic dog buiscuts are also vegan, but not the Z-ridge dental chews as previously reported. Sorry, everyone, our bad.

Just Vegg’n!
This is a fruit and veggie, low-fat biscuit by Old Mother Hubbard that also comes recommended by Hazel.

Peace Prayer Love Bites!
These and all the treats by Bark for Peace are vegan!

Sweet potato rosemary biscuits!
These homemade treats are vegan, as are a number of others that are for sale at ElizabethBeckett’s Etsy shop!

Pumpkin Pie Muffins!
Um, they look really good. Imagine if you toasted them a bit?! Your dog would FREAK. Nice job, Boston Baked Bonz.

Mr. Pugsly’s Peanut Butter Dog Biscuits!
Figgy will actually condescend to eat these occasionally. Also available from Pet Guard are Mr. Barky’s Vegetarian dog biscuits.

Hoppin’ Good Carrot Crunchies!
From Front Porch Pets, the creators of Sam’s Yams, come these carrot cookies. Figgy hasn’t tried them yet but he does like carrots so if I see a package, I’ll buy it!

Organic Oven Baked Dog Treats!
Grandma Lucy’s makes several vegan flavors of these, including blueberry!

All right now kiddies, go buy these for your pups! Or make your own if you aren’t lazy like me! Boy, am I lazy!

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