You know what is awesome about dogs? All they want to do is shower you with affection. I mean, sometimes they wanna eat food and sniff butts, but mostly they just want to love you (unless they’ve been trained to do otherwise, and that’s totally not the dogs’ fault). So that’s why I’m SUPER-PISSED when police officers bust down doors and shoot family pets.

Wait, it gets better: It’s frequently THE WRONG EFFING HOUSE. So not only are the cops raiding the homes of totally innocent people; they’re also murdering hundreds to thousands of Labradors, terriers, and even freakin’ chihuahuas, just hanging out, doing what dogs do: running up to the guest/intruder to see what’s what. In no instance have any witnesses agreed with police departments’ claims that the dogs were behaving aggressively. In many cases, shots are fired ridiculously close to unarmed civilians, in one case killing a woman and causing an infant to lose his hand (N.B. This asshole was ACQUITTED). Even when no humans are physically hurt, the loss of a close companion is traumatic emotionally.

And the trigger-happy police say this is standard operating procedure? I say it is bullshit. You might think that postal workers are more at risk for dog attacks, but they’re given training on how to deal with aggressive pets, at worst using mace (not ideal, but better than killing the dog). The ASPCA and the Humane Society say they’d love to provide this kind of training for police officers, but only a few departments nationwide make good on this offer.

Nothing but NOTHING makes me more upset than abused animals, especially when they weren’t doing anything wrong. Should we start a campaign? Protect our pups! Police for pooches! Other good slogans? Otherwise,¬†PLEASE get a hold of your local police department, and demand that they take advantage of the training resources that local animal-care organizations (SPCA, Humane Society, etc.) provide.¬†

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