Cutie Chihuahua up for adoption in Bay Area!  »

Winnie is currently being fostered in Oakland but would like a forever home of her own! I love her big ol’ ears! Details:

I am fostering a little 4-pd chihuahua through A Leg Up Rescue, a nonprofit 501c3 organization dedicated to rescuing dogs and cats from life-threatening situations. All of these companion animals were either in danger of being euthanized in animal shelters, neglected or abused, or taken from the public (when space permits) so they are not bounced around to different homes or collected and sold to research labs by “bunchers.”

The dogs name is Winnie and she is a very sweet, loving 1 year old puppy who was abandoned in a cardboard box outside a shelter in Monterey. I am fostering her in Oakland and hoping to find her a forever home! She loves walks outside just as much as snuggling deep in the covers. She is great with my other dog, so she would definitely be OK in a multipet home.

Contact Kate if you want to know more/adopt Winnie!


Ohmagawd this is cray! A little gross but mostly amazing. Why do dogs even do that? And did you see London?! OMG I can’t even.  

Help this three legged superhero dog and his kitty save the world!   »

imageIt’s the latest in vegan kickstarters! Tod Emko, Sea Shepherd crew member and proud companion of Piggy the three-legged dog, is trying to get this funny comic book off the ground: A Piggy’s Tale!

The story begins with Piggy’s rescue. After he is nursed back to health, he emerges as Super Piggy! He has some sort of actual pig guardian angel which is pretty great. I wish I had a pig guardian angel! Maybe I do have one. Who can say. 

He also has a sidekick rescue cat named Simon! Who is likewise is based on Tod’s companion animal. And there are pigeons in the story! They are kind of like Dumbo’s crows. Who are the best.

Here is a picture of the real Piggy and Tod:


Piggy is the cutest! And what a great comic. If you want to donate or just spread the campaign, check it out on Kickstarter


I’ve been reading Gothamist all morning because I’m a masochist. After several articles about terrible violence, I now totally hate the world. I need a pick-me-up! How about you? Well I found just the thing! This dog is hilar. I love him. 



In dogs, we found that activity in the caudate increased in response to hand signals indicating food. The caudate also activated to the smells of familiar humans. And in preliminary tests, it activated to the return of an owner who had momentarily stepped out of view. Do these findings prove that dogs love us? Not quite. But many of the same things that activate the human caudate, which are associated with positive emotions, also activate the dog caudate. Neuroscientists call this a functional homology, and it may be an indication of canine emotions.

The ability to experience positive emotions, like love and attachment, would mean that dogs have a level of sentience comparable to that of a human child. And this ability suggests a rethinking of how we treat dogs.


From Dogs Are People, Too in NYT. I’ve seen this article circling around on FB and I have to say it’s quite intriguing. Of course I know Figgy loves me (growling is just how he shows he cares) but I will wait until scientists catch up. 


Nerd King Wil Wheaton’s awesome wife Anne Wheaton put together a calendar of nerd celebrities — Felicia Day, Seth Green, Geoff Johns, Phil Lamarr, etc.— and their adorable adopted animals. to raise money for the Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA.

If you donate a minimum of $40 on their Wiggle Waggle Walk page, you’ll get the calendar. Now pull out several boxes of tissues, and let’s watch the video. 

Oh, and as an added bonus, here’s the irrepressible Marlowe Wheaton’s at the 2012 Wiggle Waggle Walk!

Neglected dog’s sweet rescue story is sweet!  »

Can’t see the video? Watch it on!

Shew. Another Bill Foundation video. It’s a doozy! In this one, the dog is totally ready to be rescued. I mean, it’s just, how do they do it? Dogs are so amazing. This dog’s eyes look so sore yet she’s practically skipping around just to be outside! And she’s so sweet to everyone!

This one is especially tugging on my heartstrings (shut up, I totally have heartstrings) because besides the eyes, Carly looks a lot like Figaro did when I adopted him! She must be a Bichon-type too. What? You want to see Fig’s before and after? Well, ok!:


What a skinny-mini he was! But he didn’t have the painful-looking eye problem like Carly. On the other hand, he was a freaking wild animal once he finally got a few meals in him. Like running-around-like-a-bat-on-speed-jumping-up-biting-my-muffin-top-repeatedly-until-I-was-covered-in-bite-bruises-wild. Carly seems well-behaved. What a sweetie!

In conclusion: donate to the Bill Foundation!


Marketing those one-of-a-kind mutts!  »


I’m pretty sure this translates to Bordercocker fire tail. One of the many unique “breeds” you’ll find at the Territorio de Zaguates shelter in Costa Rica. 

Territorio de Zaguates found that while interest in adopting was up, many people didn’t want “mutts.” Agency Garnier BBDO took a new approach to this by marketing these mutts as new one-of-a-kind breeds! 

See more pics of the pups and process here!


Chihuahua and pit bull dream team still looking for their forever home!  »

We wrote about these guys last year and looks like they still have not found their true home. I know it’s hard to think about taking in two dogs but I hear it’s actually often easier to have two dogs because they entertain each other. But here’s their story, it’s too sweet:

Nina and Dutch, otherwise known as “The Odd Couple” are a bonded pair that must be adopted together. Both are five years old, crate-trained, friendly, great with cats and dogs. They are being fostered in Pittsburgh, PA but they will go to wherever their perfect home is. Both are vegan dogs, Natural Balance.

Originally, Nina came from a horrific abuse situation in MS, and Dutch was a neglect case from GA. They met in foster care 4 years ago and it was love, love, love. Here’s the dynamic between this seemingly unlikely duo…Nina is a pitbull and is quite meek and shy. She can be found cuddling on the couch and being mushy with those that she knows best. Dutch is a chihuahua who makes sure that no one messes with her best friend! She is Nina’s right hand bodyguard, and her fierce protector. We don’t mean this to say she attacks when someone pets Nina! However, Dutch is protective of Nina with other dogs, though in a sort of Ren and Stimpy kind of way! It’s nothing that a few small corrections doesn’t stop.

They are accustomed to living with cats and are currently in a foster home with three other dogs. Both are very dog friendly. Nina needs a little help being assertive, as she can be a bit of a doormat to other dogs. Dutch, on the other hand, is very assertive and usually picks up where Nina leaves off! Both LOVE to go for walks and cuddle. Nina takes some time and patience to warm up, and is fearful of small children. Her foster family has a 5 yo child that she is warming up to nicely, but Nina naturally gets scared of the unfamiliar. These girls are not difficult, but because of their unique combination of traits, we want them to be in a house that is pretty dog savvy. They were given up after three years due to circumstances of their owner; it was not a reason that related to the dogs. These girls are TRULY a one in a million pair, and thus, we are looking for the special home.

Please feel free to email vegan28@gmail.comif you would like to talk more with their foster mom. Nina is just about the beautiful girl you have EVER seen and we get compliments wherever we go on how gorgeous and sweet she is. Dutch is a little prancing spitfire, a true diva, but not a whiny one! Thanks for looking!

And just look at these goofballs!:

So if you or anyone you know would at all consider taking in this pair, please contact the foster!


Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Guys, guys, guys, this is too sweet. Just watch. A rescue pit bull turned therapy dog is bff with a Sandy Hook student. 

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