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No really, I think this is a great idea! I often would leave the TV on for my Figaro because he has separation anxiety and he barks a lot. So the TV works great as a way to drown out little noises that might make him bark and I thought it would kind of keep him company too. But I never know which channel to leave it on! I try to leave it on kids’ channels because I figure they aren’t going to have loud noises and there will be a lot of high octave, happy voices. But this new dog channel, DogTV, has hundreds of shows based on all kinds of research:

DogTV has created nearly 800 programs for dogs, each around three to five minutes long to fit with a dogs’ limited attention span, and is constantly creating new content. The programs are designed to “relax, stimulate and expose” dogs to situations they come across in daily life, like car rides and romps around the park. Other programs include animations of moving objects, nature scenes set to soothing music, and dogs sleeping or resting.

They tried cats and barking noises and stuff they thought dogs would like but that only irritated them. 

Now you may be wondering if dogs actually do like to watch tv, this is the first question in their FAQ:

Do dogs really watch TV?

Yes! Dogs respond beautifully to what they see on TV, and enjoy most when they see other dogs, other animals and even inanimate moving objects. YouTube has over 5000 videos of dogs watching TV, and increasing number of dog parents admit that they saw their pooch watching TV more than once. The shift to digital televisions and flat screen TV’s has also contributed to the growth in the numbers of dogs that watch TV. In a survey conducted by the American Kennel Club and IAMS dog food, nearly half of those surveyed had dogs that showed some interest in what was happening on the television screen.

The channel is currently only available in San Diego but seriously, if this channel was available everywhere, I’d use it all the time! It will have a $5.00 monthly subscription fee because, as the creator pointed out, they can’t really sell ad space. Which I think is good because I hate when loud commercials come on—not relaxing for Fig at all! 

Here’s an example of their relaxing shows:

Can’t see the video? Watch it on!

I’m relaxed! But I’m really hoping they have shows like Mr. Belvedere but where Mr. Belvedere is a dog. Right? 

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