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Big-handbag ladies, you know who you are. *We* know who you are. Laura and I both have purses containing all of our material belongings, and possibly a dead body or two. Seriously, it takes us 20 minutes to retrieve anything out of said bags. But as big-handbag ladies know, this is the price we pay for being prepared! God forbid we should leave the house without something we may need while out in the world, like a two-year-old Olive Garden receipt. 

Anyway, peep this handbag: the Margarite from Brooklyn Industries:

This totally vegan hotness is curvy, silky smooth, and fits all your junk in the trunk. I love the sheen on the (nylon) fabric, and I love the durability and carrying capacity. 15” MacBook Pro? Sure, toss it in there with school books, notebooks, library books, multiple sets of keys, pairs of glasses, and an extra sweater. No, seriously. You can pack your entire life in this bag and move to Las Vegas to live off the grid. Except you will get many compliments on your bag, which might blow your cover. 

Anyway, Brooklyn Industries makes great quality bags, and this one is extra good-looking and all man-made.  Highly recommend picking one up asap (online for you SF suckas, but BI has stores in NYC, Chicago, Portland, and maybe some other places.)

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