You can help Animal Place save more animals like comedy genius calf Panda Bob!  »


This is Panda Bob. He’s a rescued calf that lives at Animal Place. He’s also AWESOME. If you follow us on FB, you may have seen me share Panda Bob’s status updates from Animal Place’s FB. I do so for the simple fact that HE’S ADORBS AND HILAR! Here’s his latest update, to give you a taste:


Dear World,

It’s me, Panda Bob.

This is me in profile. Around a kajillion dollars have been spent on determining which side is my best side. Science says, left side. SCIENCE.

Next week will be breaking news. I’m preparing you for this now. PREPARE.

You’re going to meet my new neighbors who are not as cute as I am, because I am the cutest. CUTEST. But they’re alright.

In other news, you can see Mortimer’s butt and rear leg in this photo. People keep saying “what about Mortimer?” and I’m all over here in profile going “what about my adorbs left side?” So, there’s that.

In Profile,

Panda Bob

ISN’T HE FANTASTIC AND AMAZING? (Hint: YES) Well now Animal Place and Panda Bob need YOUR help. They want upgrade their rusty old transport trailer to a new, bigger, safer trailer! The trailer will be used to rescue even more awesome animals who need a good home as well as transport animal residents to vet visits. But they need cash money to buy it!

That’s where you come in! Go to this link and donate whatever you can! Besides the satisfaction of knowing you helped save animals, they also have great perks. $10 gets you an exclusive video link of Panda Bob meeting the new trailer once they get it; $500 gets you a meet and greet with Panda Bob in person!!!! There are plenty of other cool perks too. So go donate now! Do it for the animals! Do it for Panda Bob!


This is how Panda Bob feels about the old trailer. HATES IT. 


Neglected dog’s sweet rescue story is sweet!  »

Can’t see the video? Watch it on!

Shew. Another Bill Foundation video. It’s a doozy! In this one, the dog is totally ready to be rescued. I mean, it’s just, how do they do it? Dogs are so amazing. This dog’s eyes look so sore yet she’s practically skipping around just to be outside! And she’s so sweet to everyone!

This one is especially tugging on my heartstrings (shut up, I totally have heartstrings) because besides the eyes, Carly looks a lot like Figaro did when I adopted him! She must be a Bichon-type too. What? You want to see Fig’s before and after? Well, ok!:


What a skinny-mini he was! But he didn’t have the painful-looking eye problem like Carly. On the other hand, he was a freaking wild animal once he finally got a few meals in him. Like running-around-like-a-bat-on-speed-jumping-up-biting-my-muffin-top-repeatedly-until-I-was-covered-in-bite-bruises-wild. Carly seems well-behaved. What a sweetie!

In conclusion: donate to the Bill Foundation!


Help Animal Place while you shop!  »

The wonderful people at Animal Place have found a new way for you to support their work: The SHARES Card. SHARES stands for Supporting Humanities, Arts, Recreation, Education and Sports. They raise millions a year for various charities and now Animal Place is on board!


Get a card for FREE and every time you swipe it at Save Mart, S-Mart, FoodMaxx, or Lucky Supermarkets, a portion of your purchase goes to Animal Place. It’s available in California and northern Nevada (that’s where the stores are located). You can get a card by signing up here:

Here are links to the stores in the Bay Area:
FoodMaxx (you’ll have to type in your zip, but there’s one in Oakland.)
Save Mart 

In other news, meet Stanley! A recent Animal Place rescue and my new crush. Look, he’s trying to make an angry face! I know you ain’t angry, Stanley! Silly baby.


Newest bovine rescue at Animal Place - Stanley! His likes include nomming on grass like he’s a big cow, chasing his shadow, bottle-time, and gentle chin skritches. He looks forward to meeting big brother Theo in the coming months!”


Adopt NY needs your help to bring Hurricane Sandy relief to the animals!   »

Awesome reader Jen tipped us to a really great way to help out New York’s needy animal shelters in the wake of Hurricane Sandy: Donate to Adopt NY!

Adopt NY is an organization that connects shelters around New York to make it as easy as possible for people to adopt animals. It’s terrific. And right now they are having a hell of a time coordinating between their 44 rescue groups to get relief to all those groups, shelters, and animals. Let’s block-quote from Facebook:

This has been a terrible week for New York—for all its people and animals. For New York City’s animals, the shelter system has been deafeningly silent. Without any First Alerts (lists sent out to rescues of all incoming animals) or Kill Lists for the past week at Animal Care & Control, the prospect of them having to kill large numbers is very real. Rescue groups have found it often close to impossible to pull animals from AC&C, as email is down, and no clear direction has been given about the true needs of the shelter system after the largest hurricane to ever hit New York. Add to that the fact that many rescue groups and NY shelters have sustained extensive damage to their facilities, as well as many fosters becoming homeless themselves.

Together with your help, we want to provide the assistance all our rescue groups so desperately need. We will keep you posted every step of the way. Please go here to donate to the Adopt NY Relief Fund, hosted through one of our founding groups, Dog Habitat Rescue. Thank you on behalf of all Adopt NY’s rescue groups for your generosity.

For New York locals, Adopt NY has a huge list of needed supplies at Facebook. Check it out and see what you can donate, New York Vegansaurs. The rest of us can donate at Dog Habitat, per Adopt NY. Give what you can to help the shelter animals, they desperately need it.


Should he be killed because of his breed? Help save Rocket  »

I’ve been following this story on Facebook for a while now and it’s long past time I post something about it. The beautiful dog above is named Rocket. He’s from Australia and currently in quite a predicament.

The story is that during a storm, a fence broke, he was spooked and got out of the backyard. Like a good boy, he went to his porch and waited by the door for his mom and dad to come home. At this point, somebody reported him as a loose dog. Because of breed-specific legislation and because he resembles a pit bull-type dog, he is now being held at an undisclosed location while his family fights to save his life and get him back. So sad. 

People have donated to help Rocket and because of this, they were able to get Rocket a lawyer. Here is the latest update from their page:

After appearing in the Supreme Court today, we are pleased to advise that we have been granted with leave to appeal Vcat’s Decision. We are today a little step closer in hopefully getting our beloved boy back.

A Big Thank You to all who are supporting Rocket through this tough time. We would have never had an opportunity to save our boy without your assistance.

Please continue to check in to Rockets Page for future updates on new hearing dates. We hope to have some new news on Rocket Soon. We have still not been made aware of where he is, or how he is. But we are trying our absolute hardest to find out.

We miss him so much.

They are still far from through this, though, and if you can donate, they would be grateful. We can’t all donate yet because they are still working on an international Paypal, but I think we have some readers in Australia. Here is the info for donating:

To donate, email with your name, the amount, and if you want to remain anonymous or not.
Account Details:
National Australian Bank
Account Name: ForDogsSake Australia
Account BSB: 083-175
Account Number: 14-117-2498

I encourage you to check out Rocket’s Facebook page and do all you can to support him. 


Support Walk for Farm Animals and get some cakeballs!  »

One of our favorite commenters, Mandy Brown, is participating in Farm Sanctuary’s Walk for Farm Animals! But that’s not all: Anyone who donates $10 or more on Mandy’s page will get a dozen homemade vegan cakeballs. That’s right! I’m so happy that cakeballs are a thing now, right? 

Above are last week’s chocolate-banana cakeballs. What’s this week’s flavor, you ask? Well, the first person to donate this week will get to pick the flavor! The first person of the week to donate $10 or more gets to decide the cakeball flavor for everyone. FUN!

Bonus: the sugar will be organic and vegan, the chocolate will be fair-trade, and Mandy’s kitchen is gluten-free, so they’re celiac safe. Yay!

To donate, check out Mandy’s page. There’s a pic of a cute baby pig!


Guest contest: Donate to win a beautiful portrait of a farm sanctuary animal!  »

Sharon Lee Hart is the author of the photography collection Sanctuary: Portraits of Rescued Farm Animals, and a participant in this year’s Farm Sanctuary Walk for Farm Animals, for which she’s asking for your help fundraising. If you help, you could win a 16-by-16-inch photograph of your choice from Sharon’s book. Take a look—they’re beautiful!

Sharon says it’s as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Donate $10 or more to support me in the Walk for Farm Animals; 100 percent of the funds raised go to Farm Sanctuary. Make sure you include your email address so I can contact you if you win.
  2. Wait: I will chose one winner at random from those that donate between today and Sept. 30. I will contact the winner no later than Oct. 5 and ask them to select the photograph they would like from my website.
  3. I will print your chosen photograph with the finest archival materials, expertly package it up, and ship it off to you in a timely manner.

Want to know more about the book? Sharon can tell you all about it!

This first monograph by Lexington–based photographer Sharon Lee Hart is a book of dignified black-and-white portraits of rescued farm animals, accompanied by handwritten stories by sanctuary workers. A long term vegetarian turned vegan, Hart considers farm animals “some of the most abused, overlooked animals on the planet.”

For this project, she traveled to sanctuaries in Virginia, Florida, Maryland, Michigan and New York State to document “the lucky few who are free to live out their lives in peace.” Not surprisingly, after spending time with the animals she discovered that each had its unique personality. “Some are quirky or funny, while others sensitive, shy, playful, intelligent, mischievous, or inquisitive. And all seemed to have complex emotional lives.”

These characteristics come through in Hart’s poignant photographs. Essays are by Karen Davis, president of United Poultry Concerns; Kathy Stevens, founder of the Catskill Animal Sanctuary; and Gene Baur, founder of Farm Sanctuary.

So donate some money and try to win a photo! Megan Rascal loves this photo of Dee Dee the donkey, of Star Gazing Farm; I’m partial to this portrait of SASHA Farm's Rainy. I love a shaggy horse!

Check out all the photos in Sharon’s book! Best of luck to Sharon and all the participants in the Walk for Farm Animals, and everyone who donates to win a portrait.


Help save a sweet duck’s life!  »

From the good folks at Harvest Home Sanctuary:

Please extend a warm, fuzzy welcome to Pohono the Injured Duckling. Earlier this week, Pohono survived a nearly fatal hit & run incident in the Eastern San Francisco Bay Area. This brave little bird arrived at our rescue and rehabilitation center in Stockton for special care a few hours ago. He is suffering from a serious leg injury and severe road rash. Specialists at the UC Davis Small Animal Hospital will provide emergency treatment for Pohono’s injuries. Please support Pohono’s urgent care by making a donation online.
In honor our Save-a-Life Endurance Trek this weekend in Yosemite, we’ve named our newest rescued duck after the strenuous half marathon path (The Pohono Trail) we will complete. Pohono’s bravery stands as an inspiration for our 13-mile high altitude adventure to raise $15,000 for our rescued animals’ veterinary fund.
Let’s help them raise that MONEY, HONEY! Ducks are fucking rad and Pohono needs our help! Plus, his name kinda sounds like, P HELL NO! Kinda!? 


Sign the petition, volunteer, adopt, and donate to help the 50,000 chickens left to starve!  »

The fight to save the rescued hens from Stanislaus County continues. This is the largest ever farmed animal rescue in the United Sates. Conditions were terrible but people were able to help some of the birds!:

“When we arrived on the scene outside the abandoned egg farm, I was horrified at the suffering of the chickens happening in front of me, overwhelmed by the magnitude of the cruelty,” said Anne Martin, Harvest Home board member. “By the next morning, we had partnered with sanctuaries, volunteers from across Northern California, and thousands of supporters following the rescue of these chickens. Together, we were able to save 4,460 hens who will never again suffer the severe confinement of an egg farm, and from this time forward, will know only human kindness.”

The picture at the top is by Marji from Animal Place. This hen has never seen grass or felt the sun, she is about to take her first step outside! Marji says they are still in need of donations but also, they are in desperate need of volunteers. So if you are able, go volunteer with the rescue chickens!

If you want to volunteer, email or call her at 530-798-5114. To donate, click here

The hens will be up for adoption within the next two weeks. If you want to adopt one, fill out the application at

Finally—and I know you can all do this!—sign the petition started by Harvest Home, ”calling on the Stanislaus County District Attorney’s Office to prosecute A&L Poultry’s Andy Keung Cheung for willfully starving 50,000 chickens.” Do it!


Stolen and abused dog Toto still needs funds for surgery!  »

I checked in with the SF SPCA to see how the money-raising was going for Toto, and they still have $730 more to go! And they need it before Feb. 10th! They also said, “Toto is doing well! Yvette, his owner, says he was pretty tired last week after the vet appointment, but seems a lot better now… ‘more pep in his step.’ She’s getting him a lot of new toys to encourage him to keep playing and be active.”

If you don’t remember what happened, here’s the story from Rachel’s previous post:

Toto the dog got kidnapped and tortured, ARG. Why are people such evil bastards?

But now the SF SPCA is taking care of him and they need your help to raise $5000 by February 10th to pay for his surgeries!

Here’s the story, according to the SPCA:

“Toto is a 12-year-old Yorkie who was stolen from his fenced-in yard. Eight months later he was returned to his owner’s doorstep, in a crate, with multiple injuries including missing front teeth and a missing left eye. His owner rushed him to a vet hospital but couldn’t afford the necessary medical procedures. Toto is now receiving care at the SF SPCA Veterinary Hospital.”

To help, click here, or make a $10 donation by texting “SPCA” to 27722.

If you don’t have the cash, you could help by spreading the word to the rich people who do, especially the 1%, they all love tiny dogs, right? Go Toto go!

So if you can, please help Toto! This is such a terrible thing to happen. Maybe we can offset it by being the best support community ever. 

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