Last week, Animal Place rescued 3,000 hens from an egg-laying farm in California. Another victory for this amazing organization! Remember the massive rescue of the Turlock hens? Animal Place does really wonderful work.

Here’s how they explain this most recent operation:

The farm, which will remain confidential, reached out to us after receiving a packet of information on our Rescue Ranch program…which asks egg farmers to relinquish custody of hens instead of sending them to slaughter. To date, this is the largest farm that has agreed to release birds to our sanctuary.

If you want to help Animal Place out, they could certainly use it. Donate here!


Remember Koko? Of course you do! But when’s the last time you thought about her? Well there was that video where she meets Mr. Rogers and freaking cradles him like a baby. Like a baby. But besides that, it’s been a while.

After years off the radar, NBC Bay Area got to go hang out with Koko. So jeals. It’s great but oh my god, who is tearing up? She just wants her own baby! I’m glad she has a gorilla friend there though. But it would be way more awesome if she could go to Hawaii and have a real gorilla family. OMG so sad, I really hope she gets a baby. And they say she could care for orphaned gorilla babies if the sanctuary becomes a reality. I bet she would be such a great adoptive mom! Right?

If you want to help Koko and the Gorilla Foundation, visit their site. You can donate! And then Koko can get her family! OMG. 


Update on the Turlock hens at Animal Place! This is them one month after being rescued from a factory farm where they were left to starve. Now that they aren’t at death’s door, they are happily enjoying life! These hens are ‘bout it for some dust baths. I don’t get dust baths; that’s how they keep clean? I don’t understand. I’d look it up but I gave up learning for lent.

Animal Place still needs donations! I mean, they took in like a gagillion hens. That’s a lot of beaks to feed!


Update on the 50,000 chickens left to starve, many rescued need your help!  »

One of the rescued hens. You can see more pictures of the rescue on Flickr.

We got an update from Marji at Animal Place:

We actually took out 4,610 hens total - more than 3,000 are currently at our Rescue Ranch facility. The hens were released into Animal Place and Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary custody. They are slowly recovering…we could really use help w/ this rescue. This is the largest and most expensive rescue we have ever undertaken.

Please donate if you can! So sad! They need our help!


Sponsor a dear chicken this Valentine’s Day! They need love too!  »

Harvest Home Sanctuary is having a sponsor-a-thon RIGHT NOW until Valentine’s Day! For $15, you can sponsor a sweet rescue chicken for one month! Select recurring payments to sponsor your pal every month! I’m partial to Little Wayne above (nickname: Pretty Ricky!) who was rescued from a hoarder last year. I just donated my $15 for Pretty Ricky and you can too!

From Harvest Home:

Among the 200 animals living at Harvest Home, 100 chickens call the sanctuary home. Our goal for this campaign is to find a sponsor for each chicken by Valentine’s Day. 

For just $15 a month, you can sponsor a rescued hen or rooster. Sponsorships make marvelous gifts for your animal-loving family and friends. You can make a meaningful impact in the life of one of our adorable birds this year.

Click here to donate! Show your love and compassion this V-Day. 


Donate to Ride to the Light! DO IT.  »

Seriously, do it! A bunch of brave souls/fitness freaks are riding their bikes for the animals and all the money raised to sponsor them goes to the three amazing animal sanctuaries they’re riding through. It’s a nifty idea, and I like it! Since bike-riding terrifies both my face (my beautiful face!) and my laziness, I will not be there in person, but I will be there in pocketbook! That is, as soon as I get paid. When that happens, I am donating a large percentage of my paycheck to the ride. When you see how much I’ve given, you will once and for all understand exactly how fucking poor I am and then maybe, just maybe, you will buy me these FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DON’T MAKE PEOPLE STARE AT MY FEET IN FLIP FLOPS ANY LONGER. Honestly, it’s another form of animal abuse if you choose to ignore me.

Now, I will let the good people of Ride to the Light properly explain how to get involved as that’s what I do these days. Trust me, it’s better than hearing my explanation which would most likely be: CHICKENS! BIKES! PIGS! MONEY! HELPING! TOGETHER! COWS!

The Ride to the Light is a bike ride to benefit Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary, Out To Pasture Sanctuary and Hope Animal Sanctuary. The 100-mile (century) bike ride is Saturday, Sept. 24.

We’re doing the route in reverse this year—leaving from Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary in Scio and riding to Out to Pasture in Estacada, then on to Portland for a cookout at Josh and Michelle Hooten’s house [Ed.: !!!!!!]. It’s gonna be great!

Come along for the ride or make a donation and help us reach (or even better, exceed) our goal of $15,000 for these three very worthy causes.

Contact Eric Phelps for more information via email or phone at (503) 664.0001. Please also check out our Facebook fan page to find out more about the ride, and follow us on Twitter @RideToTheLight for frequent updates.

If you’re interested in riding with us, please RSVP through our Facebook event page.


The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee is having a fundraiser today! Donate now!
Saw this on Cute Overload today and couldn’t resist posting this picture. It’s so totally too cute! They are raising money today for The Humane Society for Tacoma and Pierce County in Washington. Last year, they raised $48,000! They are shooting for $50,000 this year—can you help? They are so cute in their efforts!

The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee is having a fundraiser today! Donate now!

Saw this on Cute Overload today and couldn’t resist posting this picture. It’s so totally too cute! They are raising money today for The Humane Society for Tacoma and Pierce County in Washington. Last year, they raised $48,000! They are shooting for $50,000 this year—can you help? They are so cute in their efforts!


Megans of the world: unite to save Megan the chimp!  »

Are you a Megan or do you have a Megan in your life? Come forth and be counted! There is a Megan in danger and we must do something about it! There is a poor 22-year-old chimp named Megan stuck in a horrible lab at the University of Louisiana-Lafayette’s New Iberia Research Center:

[Video is not scary, just sad. Can’t see it? Watch it on]

If you want to see what else goes on at the NIRC, there’s some effed-up footage from a Humane Society undercover investigation. Bonus: Not only did the undercover investigator find tons of animal welfare violations—i.e., they are breaking laws—this lab is also getting millions of dollars from the government to do this! 

More about Megan from the Humane Society:

Seeking Justice for Chimpanzees
On Mar. 15, 2011, in an effort to bring New Iberia to justice and have any infants bred illegally sent to sanctuary, we filed legal petitions with the U.S. Departments of Justice and Health and Human Services.

Megan is just one of the government-owned chimpanzees at New Iberia who gave birth to several babies despite a contractual agreement that the laboratory won’t breed government-owned or supported chimpanzees. If successful, our petitions could help to free Megan and her babies from the confinements of the lab. But with your help, Megan, along with her group of eight companions could all be saved sooner.

Please help retire Megan and the other chimpanzees in her group to sanctuary.

Megan was in this annoying program to test her intelligence but that program is now cancelled, so they are trying to decide if they should retire Megan (YES) and her pals to a sanctuary, or send them off to be in even worse, medically invasive experiments (NO)! That’s the thanks she gets after they use her up? Heartless.

Megans and those who have ever loved a Megan, I call upon you! “Like” my Megans United to Save Megan the Lab Chimp Facebook page to show your solidarity and—at the very least!—fill out this form to send a message to University of Louisiana-Lafayette’s president, Dr. E. Joseph Savoie, and the Director of the National Center for Research Resources, Dr. Barbara Alving. Megan and her co-prisoners are called “Group Megan,” so tell them you want to FREE GROUP MEGAN!

You can also donate here to help all the lab chimps in this screwed-up country. And please, tell everyone about Group Megan and Megans United to Save Megan the Lab Chimp! And guys, let’s plan some big things! I want to see Group Megan’s retirement party on the Today Show! We have a Facebook page; what should we do now?!

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